According to eMarketer, “data suggest programmatic will grow about 50% to $14.88 billion in 2015, or 55% of total digital display ad outlay”.

It’s no surprise programmatic has emerged as a topic of great interest within the industry. You’ll find all the 4A’s most recent information here.

2019 Global Digital Ad Trends |

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PubMatic has released its digital ad expenditure forecasts for 2019. U.S. and global ad spend predictions are provided for programmatic, mobile, video, private marketplace, and header bidding. The report also includes a section on inventory and ad quality.

65% of Digital Media to be Programmatic in 2019 |

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Zenith predicts global programmatic ad spend will grow 19% in 2019, reaching US$84 billion.

Understanding Inventory Quality-Thinking Beyond Bots |

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PubMatic provides insights for media buyers and publishers on how to successfully operate in the new programmatic environment. This paper focuses on fraud prevention and practices that encompass inventory quality control.

Transparency in the Programmatic Supply Chain |

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Read this white paper from R3 Worldwide to get a better handle on programmatic media buying transparency.

Trends in Marketing Communications Law

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Attorneys from Davis & Gilbert’s Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group share practical and helpful insights to guide businesses and agencies as they navigate new trends and developments. 

Automation and Programmatic |

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Check out this resource from the IAB to learn the basics, key concepts, and issues of programmatic buying, automation, and real-time bidding.