Over the last year transparency, particularly in media buying practices, has become a topic of great interest and debate within the industry.

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Media Matters | 4A’s "Best Practices Guidelines for Digital Media Audits" Released

The 4A’s newest book, “Best Practices Guidelines for Digital Media Audits,” is for advertisers that utilize audits as part of their governance approach to managing and monitoring digital media activities.

Self-Regulation Keeps Pace With Innovation

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The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program (Accountability Program) today released the results of formal inquiries into the consumer data-collection and use practices of seven companies in the online advertising industry.

Media Matters | 4A's Print Media Committee Urges More Transparency and Accountability for Digital Extensions |

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In a recent meeting, the 4A’s Print Media Committee decided to send a letter to the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) and major publishing companies, urging them to become more transparent and accountable, specifically for digital extensions.

White House, DOC and FTC Commend DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program to Protect Consumer Online Privacy

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DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program, developed by the nation’s leading media, marketing, and technology companies, provides consumers with a consistent online experience with transparency and choice regarding the collection and use of web viewing data.

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Announces "Your AdChoices" Consumer Education Campaign

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Created pro bono by MRM, the “Your AdChoices” campaign builds upon the DAA’s effort to develop and implement cross-industry best practices and effective solutions for the collection and use of data through its Advertising Option Icon.