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Guide to Interviewing

In today’s super-competitive marketplace, hiring the right people is the best way to sustain your agency’s competitive advantage. It is imperative that your organization has an effective interviewing process in place. Good interviewing requires skill and practice. This interviewing guide has been designed to help you in your selection process and will help you to […]

Guide to Business-to-Business Media

 Guide to Business-to-Business Media is designed to help agencies make appropriate choices in a changing media environment this Guide concentrates on the trade print as a primary method of targeting business audiences. It outlines the steps in developing a business-to-business media plan. Sections on the Agricultural Media and the Internet are included.

Provisions in Agency Client Agreements

The “4A’s Provisions in Agency – Client Agreements” is a must-read tool kit for agency executives and their legal advisors. The advertising industry has undergone seismic changes in recent years. Digital technologies, additional media, new creative opportunities and fundamental economic realities are reshaping the ways that agencies do business. It is absolutely critical that there […]

A Marketers Guide to Evaluating Agency Performance

Evaluating Agency Performance | MG13 All business relationships are subject to continuous evaluation and those evaluations may be formal or informal. Effective performance assessments tend to improve the way marketers and agencies interrelate, while poorly executed evaluations may damage or destroy a long-standing, positive business association. In this book, Linda Fidelman of ADvice & ADvisors, […]

Guide to Local Audio

The 4A’s Local TV/Radio Committee developed this manual to serve as a guide in training media personnel in developing the basic skills and systems for planning and buying local radio. While every agency will have its own methods of harnessing available data and resources to make the best local radio buys for its clients, this manual […]

Media Resources Discounted for 4As Members

This directory of media vendors describes discounts offered to 4A’s member agencies. What are the benefits of subscribing to the services found in this directory? • Knowledge about more media/marketing alternatives• Access to extensive databases• Information comparable to that available to advertisers. The aim of research, whether manual or online, is to insure that advertising dollars are being […]

Guide to Out-of-Home Media

  Guide to Out-of-Home Media is intended for those interested in understanding and maximizing the use of out-of-home media; it can provide the basic knowledge necessary to consider OOH for clients. The out-of-home agency planner and buyer should not only be familiar with the possible vehicles for OOH advertising, but also with the creative considerations […]

Guide to Newspapers

Outlines planning considerations, client approval, ordering, trafficking, recordkeeping, billing, and paying. This Guide includes a glossary, history of newspapers, and appendices with buy authorization, insertion order, standard invoice, rate card, and individual media. Revised June 2009.

Guide to Media Research

This guide is designed to provide all involved in media research with a review of the language, concepts, and tools of today’s media world. As the new millennium continues, expect new data sources and tools to become available to answer more and more vital questions that advertisers are asking about how their advertising and media […]

Guide To Consumer Magazines

With literally thousands of publications to choose from, how does one go about evaluating, planning, and buying print vehicles on behalf of an advertiser client? That’s where this guide can help you. It is intended to be a primer on planning and buying space in consumer magazines, to lead the novice through a number of […]

Guide to Directory Advertising

While most other advertising media are intrusive, Yellow Pages is distributed to virtually every home and business but is accessed at the consumer’s discretion, usually when a consumer is ready to take action. Knowledge of this powerful advertising medium is the first step in utilizing it to its fullest capacity. This guide was written as […]

Guide to Direct Marketing Media

This booklet is meant to help and inform anyone who is interested in learning about how to market to an individual, get a response, and capture and count that response to measure marketing efforts in terms of revenue versus expenses. It includes sections on direct mail, direct response print and broadcast, new electronic media, and […]

Guide to Local Cable Television Implementation

“Guide to Local Cable Television Implementation” assists the reader in the development of the fundamental skills and systems for the planning and buying of local cable. This guide provides procedures, techniques, and terminology associated with the implementation of local cable television. While every client and agency will have its own set of objectives, we believe […]

Guide to Local Television

This guide serves as a guide in grounding and training media personnel in the development of the necessary basic skills and systems in planning and buying local television. It provides an outline of the procedures, techniques and language of the business of buying local television. As much use is made of a wide variety of […]

Emotional vs. Rational Appeals

Emotional vs. Rational Appeals

4As New Business Activity and Resources Survey Report

In 2010, the level of new business activity was robust. That is one of the findings in the “4A’s New Business Activity & Resource Survey Report”. The survey was developed to help members benchmark levels of new business activity and calibrate the agency resources involved with agency new business activities. This book contains the results […]

Guide to E-Mail Marketing

In less than a decade, e-mail has exploded as the “killer app” of the Internet, transforming the way people communicate, and the way businesses operate. Guide to E-Mail Marketing offers a current review of e-mail as a marketing and communications channel to help capitalize on this dynamic and changing media platform. It also explores the […]

Guide to Media Technology

The goal of this publication is to educate those in the advertising community who may be unfamiliar with the specific group of applications created to help the media process run more efficiently and effectively. Guide to Media Technology provides an overview of media technology and its applications for media research; media planning; media pre-buy/buying/media stewardship/client […]

Social Media ROI and Data Ownership Survey

84% of recently surveyed 4A’s agencies handle social media monitoring for their clients. What metrics are they collecting, and how are the lines of responsibility drawn? This report contains the results of a survey conducted to gather high-level information about social media monitoring activities among 4A’s member agencies. The objective was to learn which agency […]

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting Survey Results

This report contains the results of a survey conducted to gather high-level information about social media monitoring activities among 4A’s member agencies. We learned that this is a growing area, but it is clearly in flux, as there is little consensus about what to measure, how to measure it, and even who should have responsibility […]

Research Insights-2012 October-Innovation and New Products

One of our most-requested Research Insights is our compilation of information on innovation and new products. We are pleased to offer an updated and enhanced version of Research Insights | Innovation & New Product Forecasts.

This year, the report is divided into two parts. In the first part we offer you our own forecasts, developed by synthesizing a tremendous amount of new research and data. We provide actionable insights into consumer behavior, filtered through the lens of various economic scenarios.

Section Two contains a distillation of the best current thinking from academics and practitioners on innovation, factors for product success and failure, consumer insights, and the role of advertising in product trial, along with marketing spending on launches, rankings of the best new products of the year, line extensions, and more.

Jewels of the Internet

Jewels of the Internet is a compendium of selected—and mostly free—Web resources that Research Services has compiled for 4A’s members. We believe that having a single source for these useful websites will save agencies much time and effort.

Advertising in a Recession

The country is now officially in a recession. The economy has slowed down. And those who make decisions about advertising, or who advise those who make decisions, may be asking many questions that have been asked in the face of earlier recessions: What to do? Cut back on advertising? Stop introducing new products? Or push […]

Taste and Decency in Advertising: De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

V123 At the 2001 AAAA Mangement Conference, Keith Reinhard, Chairman, DDB Worldwide Communications Group, Inc., gave a landmark speech on taste and decency in advertising. This video serves as a reminder to agency creatives and executive management of the Creative Code of the AAAA Standards of Practice which states in part: “…we will not knowingly […]

Le Communiqué-TruthBrief

In early 2013, the 4A’s conducted a Truth About Advertising survey with help from IPG’s McCann Truth Central and Momentum. The findings revealed that 69% of consumers think advertising can change the world for the better. But 79% of advertising professionals said “we’re good at selling our client’s business but not our own.” Clearly advertising professionals must sell themselves and their profession better. So, we created the TruthBrief competition.
Le Communique is the winning answer. It shows how advertising is the number one place to be creative.

Impact of Advertising on Business Performance and Volatility

VOA116 Over the past several years, the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Value of Advertising Committee has engaged third-party researches to determine the value of advertising in the marketing communications mix. The purpose of these commissioned studies is to go beyond the sometimes fuzzy metrics of “marketing results” or anecdotal whether third-party research would find […]

Should Firms Increase Advertising Expenditures During Recessions?

VOA115 Over the past several years, the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Value of Advertising Committee has engaged third-party researches to determine the value of advertising in the marketing communications mix. The purpose of these commissioned studies is to go beyond the sometimes fuzzy metrics of “marketing results” or anecdotal whether third-party research would find […]