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4A’s Management Benchmarks & Financial Barometers Survey Series – Phases I & II |

Management Services

This four-phase survey series is designed to provide agency management with key financial benchmarks relevant to 4A’s members.

4A’s Digital Operations and Compensation Survey – Phase I |

Management Services

This survey provides important information about agency digital operations including revenue sources, relationship structures, monetization of I.P., and digital services agreements.

4A’s Media Compensation Survey |

Management Services

Survey on Media Compensation Methodologies and Equivalent / Effective Commission Ratios. The survey requested information pertaining to methods of compensation relating solely to compensation for media services. Survey participants were asked to report “equivalent/effective commission rates” used for various media buying and planning services, regardless of the methods of compensation in use at their agencies. […]

4A’s Agency Billing Practices and Client Payment Terms Survey |

Management Services

This report provides information on the billing and payment arrangements of 4A’s members for Network TV, Production, Agency Compensation and other paid media channels, for their ten largest clients.

4A’s Agency Performance Incentive Compensation Survey Report |

Management Services

This survey report features results from 168 member agencies, representing 600 client relationships and provides information on many aspects of incentive compensation including prevalence, structure, and amount; correlation with business relationship and base compensation; agency/client relationship management; and performance incentive criteria.

4A’s MSA Guidance: Allocation of Risk, Indemnification & Limitations on Liability

Members of the 4A’s legal, finance and commercial practices communities have developed agency-client master service agreement (MSA) guidance related to Allocation of Risk, Indemnification & Limitations on Liability.

FAQs | Agency Overhead and Profits |

Members of the 4A’s Finance committees believe that it is in the best interest of both the agency and client communities to provide information on agency overhead and agency profit.

4A’s Agency Performance Incentive Compensation Survey Reports Findings |

Management Services

There has been a lot of industry discussion of agency performance incentive compensation and payment by results. However, there is little recent agency information on the prevalence of such arrangements, their structure, and their economic impact.

4A's Agency Billing Practices and Client Payment Terms Survey Report |

Management Services

Recent publicity related to client payment terms prompted the Association to conduct a member survey on existing agency billing practices and client payment terms as a means to provide a factual foundation for marketplace consideration.

Bryan Weiner’s May 2013 ANA Procurement Conference Presentation |

This presentation on the effective compensation and agency performance measurements in digital media was originally presented by Bryan Wiener, Chairman & CEO, 360i Chairman, 4As Digital Board.

4A’s Client Compensation | Best Practices Do’s and Don’ts |

4A’s finance committee task group advocates compensation negotiation best practice suggestions for agency leaders A cross-industry task group, comprised of senior agency executives, has developed guidance and is advocating best practices that will help marketing services agencies interact more productively with client procurement groups and industry compensation consultants. The task group’s recommendations, which carry the […]

Celebrate Pricing Power |

This presentation discusses the power of pricing and moving from labor-based pricing principals to performance-based pricing; as well as the fundamentals, components, execution, and obstacles to effective pricing strategies.

Revisiting Agency/Client Agreements: The New Basics |

Candice Kersh from Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz presents this paper discussing the new basics for agencies to consider when revisiting agency-client agreements

Negotiating Tips and Suggestions

A battle-tested panel of agency pros talks about negotiating compensation and the importance of having a negotiating strategy, internal alignment and an experienced “deal team.” The panelists also share proven tips for reaching mutually beneficial compensation arrangements.

The Profit Imperative

Dana Perry, BBDO, and David Weiss, Interpublic, discuss profit and ad worth in this 2014 4A’s presentation.

Talent and Labor-Based Compensation

In this presentation paper by Darren Norkett, discusses “getting paid what we are worth” and touches on the unfortunate conversations we as an industry currently find ourselves having on the topic of Talent & Labor Based Compensation.

Compensation Overview: Challenges & Opportunities |

The 4A’s offers the following document to assist agencies in identifying and working successfully through compensation challenges and opportunities.

A Compensation Alternative—Nancy Hill |

For a sample alternative compensation model, please refer to the following simple template in which you can drop in your agencies own compensation information.

Scope of Work—The Revenue Driver

Current SOW practices are diverse, and can be problematic as a result. This paper explores the challenges and some possible solutions to help make SOWs more streamlined and successful.

The Myths and Realities of Incentive Compensation

A panel of experts discusses the do’s and don’ts of performance compensation. They share the views on what performance compensation arrangements work, discuss lessons learned and the importance of client motives and culture.

Summit Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Tom Finneran, EVP, 4A’s urges agencies to develop compensation principles, communicate the principles broadly and then adhere to the principles.

Miles Young: Thoughts on Agency Compensation

Ogilvy’s Worldwide CEO Miles Young urges the industry to get back to basics by starting with the client’s business goals; taking a team-based approach to compensation; challenging inappropriate client and consultant mandates; and believing in your value proposition and leveraging your precious talent.

Benchmarks—What Matters? |

A cross-industry panel discusses the importance of value-added metrics and cautions against the inappropriate use of metrics that focus primarily on cost rather than on the benefits that clients/brands derive from agency work.

Tom Carroll: Thoughts on Agency Compensation

TBWA’s President and CEO Tom Carroll provides a call to action and urges the industry to become more confident and capable pricers.