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We’re proud to support our member agencies in all areas of business development, including prospect assessment, prospecting, virtual pitching, relationship management, agency search consultant interaction and more.

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New Business – All Materials

Webinar: Mark Goldstein – Critical New Business Decisions and Lessons Learned |

In this November 3, 2015 webinar, former new business committee member Mark Goldstein discussed the critical decisions that determine how successful you’ll be in new business — and why most agencies neglect making the right calls.

4A’s New Business Reviews for Project Assignments Survey Report |

The prevalence of project assignments and the trend toward project pitches is on the rise. The 4A’s survey report on Reviews for Project Assignments contains valuable information on project dynamics.

4A’s New Business Activity and Process Adherence Survey

Management Services

The intent of the 4A’s New Business Activity & Process Adherence Survey was to gather information about: (1) levels of new business activity and (2) review process dynamics. Please contact Sal Conte at [email protected] for a copy of the survey.

Agency Search Consultants Advice for Agencies

The 4A’s asked industry leading agency search consultants to provide “One-Piece-of-Advice” that the association could share with members as they begin thinking about their new business plans.

ANA/4A’s Agency Selection Briefing Guidance

The 4A’s and ANA believe there is an opportunity to further improve the agency search process by developing best practice guidance tools around the subject of briefings throughout the agency selection process.

4A’s Guidance | Agency Opportunity Screening Criteria

Agencies can dramatically increase new business performance by learning to be more selective in the pursuit of client opportunities. The 4A’s new business committee has developed guidance “4A’s Opportunity Screening Criteria.”

Draftfcb Adds New Strength in San Francisco |

Marketing & Communications

In a step designed to further accelerate its West Coast operations, Draftfcb today announced that Brooks Day has joined the agency’s San Francisco office as vice president of business development.

4A’s "Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments" Guidance

Management Services

To assist 4A’s members in addressing the many aspects involved in assessing and structuring project assignments, an “Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments” guidance and discussion Wiki workspace has been created.

4A’s Guidance | Post-Review Feedback

The 4A’s guidance directive, Post-Review Feedback, has been developed by the 4A’s New Business Committee to help inform the agency community of best practice relating to conducting routine and formal agency assessments following participation in all major agency reviews.

Agency Search “To-Do” List: Start by Aligning Marketing Resources and Expectations

Management Services

The 4A’s Issues an “Agency Search To-Do List” That Addresses Agency-Marketer Relationship Fundamentals Agency business leaders and 4A’s business development committee members have reported that the level of marketing preparation and agency search/new business activity is on the rise. To help plan for and take advantage of accelerating momentum, the 4A’s recommends that marketing executives […]

Draftfcb Chicago Names Dawn Baskin Head of Business Development |

Marketing & Communications

In her new role, Dawn Baskin will be a member of the agency’s senior leadership team and report to agency President Michael Fassnacht while continuing to work with Nick Paul, who oversees new business efforts across North America.

4A’s Committee Advocates Agency New Business IP Protection

Members of the 4A’s new business committees encourage search consultants to specify that the rights to Intellectual Property (IP) created by agencies during the review process remain the property of the agency until the marketer either hires the agency to execute the work or the parties agree to a commercially equitable payment for the assignment […]

New Business Surveys

4A’s/ANA Agency/Advertiser Value Survey In the late spring of 2007, the 4A’s and the Association of National Advertisers conducted parallel surveys designed to assess agency and client attitudes and activities in four areas: How agencies add value to the client’s business How advertisers add value to the agency/client relationship The degree of interest in value-based […]

Structuring Win-Win RFPs and Compensation Agreements |

Jones Lundin Beals’ David Beals shares notes and negotiation tips for winning RFPs and compensation agreements in this 4A’s hosted webinar from October 23, 2008.

Bernstein-Rein Hires Jules Boasberg as Senior Vice President/Growth Officer |

Marketing & Communications

Jules Boasberg has been hired to lead the Bernstein-Rein agency’s increased new-business efforts in acquiring clients in existing and new categories.

The Marketer’s View-Leapfrog Mine Fields and Exceed Client Expectations

On May 29, 2008 Lorraine Rojek and three RCG clients talked about the importance of clear agency values and culture as well as the leading causes of agency changes. “The Marketers View—Leapfrog Mine Fields and Exceed Client Expectations” featured Alltel Communications VP Marketing Erin Taylor; Royal Caribbean SVP Marketing Alice Norsworthy and White Castle VP Marketing […]

The New Age of Digital, Media, and Agency Search

The 4A’s was pleased to host the next in its “Tips, Tools & Tactics” New Business Webinar Series on January 31, 2008, featuring leading agency search consultant Catherine Bension, President and CEO, Select Resources International. Ms. Bension shared her extensive experience with helping clients assess digital communication and emerging media agency resource needs, and highlighted best-in-class […]

Working With Search Consultants

In November, 2007, the 4A’s hosted another Webinar in its “Tools, Tips, and Tactics” series: “Working With Search Consultants, Featuring Mercer Island Group’s Steve Boehler.”

Conflict Policy Guidelines

This position paper addresses trends in client/agency conflict policies and reflects consideration of these issues by the 4A’s New Business Committee.

ANA/4A’s Release Compensation Guide |

The complexities inherent in Cost-Plus Fee and Labor-Based compensation arrangements can sometimes result in confusion and misunderstanding. The 4A’s and the ANA offer this downloadable guide to help advertisers and agencies better understand the compensation process

Standardized Marketer New Business Questionnaire

The Standardized Marketer New Business Questionnaire is designed as a recommended guideline for agencies to follow when evaluating participation in an agency search. It is intended to help reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises in the agency search process and minimize costly mismatches in marketer-agency relationships.

Guidelines for the Pursuit of New Business

Management Services

The purpose of this position paper is to provide guidelines for agencies in pursuing new business.