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4A’s Transformation | Tuesday April 4, 2017 — Are You Biased?


Howard Ross, Founding Partner, Cook Ross, and Singleton Beato, Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer, McCann Worldwide Group

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — The 4A’s Partner Awards


View the 2017 4A’s Partner Awards ceremony, which closed the first day of Transformation’s general sessions.

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — Inside the Minds of Marketers


Top marketers discuss innovation, customer experience, lessons learned, mobile first, agency partnerships, consumer trends, and what they consider their most critical challenges and promising opportunities.

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — The GateCrashers


Who are the new players in the agency business, what do they do differently, and should you be concerned?

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — What is the Agency of the Future?


From small independents, to integrated mid-sized agencies to mega global media players, everyone wants to have the most efficient, successful and innovative agency model for the future. Agencies of different shapes and sizes debate who’s got the winning formula.

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — Storytelling In A World of Unlimited Choices


Marie Gulin-Merle, CMO, L’Oreal USA and Tara Walpert Levy, Vice President, Agency Solutions, Google & YouTube, discuss how the changes in consumer video habits are redefining storytelling.