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Membership is open to any US-based agency or organization that creates and/or places advertising or marketing communications.

Our membership is made up of agencies of all sizes from small shops to large holding company agencies. There are no size restrictions and our community and work benefits all different types of agencies.

What Our Members Think

Don't want to take our word for it? Here's what our members say about the 4A's:

“Our forum gives me the opportunity to talk with my peers. It’s a completely open and candid conversation any time we’re together. While we meet twice each year, we communicate with one another all the time. It is a tremendous benefit of the 4A’s.” Sam Meers | President/CEO | Meers

“If you’re not a 4A’s member, you’re just playing house. The 4A’s is steeped in the resources, relationships and dialogue necessary to be on the cutting edge of all things marketing, talent and agency management.” -Russ Williams | CEO | Archer Malmo

“You and your team are the best. Nothing like going into a new business meeting knowing their business. [You have] always been batting a thousand for us and I’ll wager the same for others.” Nick Lambesis | Chairman/Founder | Lambesis

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What Is The Application Process?

Membership in the 4A’s is by application and by election after the applicant meets the requirements and agrees to the code of conduct. After the application is received, the agency and financial materials are reviewed and voting takes place. This process takes between 2-4 weeks.

Dues are based on a member’s annual gross income, for the calendar year immediately preceding the 4A’s fiscal year, which runs from April 1 to March 31. Dues are pro-rated based on the date your membership commences.

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