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Confident Optimism: The Feeling That Matters Most for Forging Successful Business Relationships

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While it is easy for marketers to get distracted by the power of data and technology, a new report reminds us what really drives business decisions: feelings. “The Business Feeling Index: The Feelings that Move Business Forward” report, conducted by the Financial Times Commercial Insight Group in collaboration with leading global business-to-business advertising agency gyro, asked FT readers across the globe to express what feelings are crucial for creating successful business relationships.

Inside The Campaign: gyro’s “I’mpossible” for Hiscox

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In the series Inside the Campaign, the 4A’s features creative work from its member agencies. Here, gyro shows its recent work for Hiscox.

New Report: B2B Marketers May Be Targeting Key Influencers Too Late

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Decision makers make up their minds about business-to-business purchases far earlier than expected, according to a new study from B2B Marketing, in conjunction with the leading full-service, global creative B2B powerhouse gyro.

Lessons From the Leaders | Best Practice Content Marketing Survey |

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Grist interviewed senior executives in professional services, financial services, and technology firms to learn how they plan, create, distribute, and measure content marketing

Who is the American Entrepreneur? |

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How do people who own their own business differ from the rest of the population? This Civic Science blog post summarizes findings of a larger survey that highlights what makes entrepreneurs stand out–demographics, media habits, lifestyle, and much more.

Global Business Influencers: The Omnipresence of Technology in the Lives of Senior Business People |

Ipsos surveys senior business executives around the world to learn about their media habits, travel behaviors, purchase intentions, and more.

When B2B Buyers Want to Go Digital—And When They Don’t |

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Suppliers selling to b-to-b buyers should be including digital channels in addition to more traditional methods, as revealed in this McKinsey survey. Buyers across all industries share their preferences for  interacting with company websites and in-person salespeople.

How Mobile is Reshaping the B2B Landscape for Growth

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Think with Google partnered with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to understand the impact of mobile on B2B customers and organizations.

How Content Influences the Purchasing Process

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SmartBrief–along with The Content Marketing Institute–surveys its subscribers who are responsible for making purchasing decisions in their organizations. The results uncover what type of content and information they prefer to use for their vendor selection.

B2B Personas: Targeting Audiences |

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In this report, Salesforce analyzes personas of B2B professionals, looking at their size, growth and turnover rates. Audiences are broken out by industry vertical, and department and level within their company for more precise message targeting.

The Next Generation of B2B Buyers: How the Millennial Business Buyer is Changing B2B Sales & Marketing

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Learn the best marketing channels, social channels, content types, info types, and motivators to reach this new generation of B2B buyers in this report from Merit.