Media Channels

Tips, trends, successful campaign examples, and more for traditional and non-traditional media.

Global Corporate Website Index |

Vertic ranks the top-performing corporate websites around the world in this annual index.

Where We Are on TV

GLAAD releases its annual study tracking the presence of LGBTQ characters on television.

Carat Trends 2021: The Year of Emotionally Intelligent Marketing

Carat outlines twelve societal, media, and technology trends for 2021.

Media Trends & Predictions 2021

Kantar discusses media and digital predictions for 2021.

24 Big Ideas That Will Change Our World in 2021

LinkedIn predicts the top 24 trends on topics including technologies, entertainment, education, and the workplace.

Explaining the Popularity of Gaming in the Pandemic

Read Vladimir Jones’ newest article to learn more about consumers who play video games, as well how gaming is fostering a sense of belonging during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2021

Deloitte predicts the top trends that will affect the tech, media, and telecommunications industries in the new year.

Mobile-ization of Grocery Shopping

Acosta examines how and why consumers use mobile devices and digital tools for grocery shopping.

The Beauty Consumer |

This Mintel infographic series examines current beauty trends, as well as the importance of influencers on reaching beauty consumers. Impact of COVID-19 on personal care is also highlighted.

COVID-19: Impact on CPG and Retail

IRi provides an overview on what’s happening across key markets and implications and guidance for CPG manufacturers and retailers to support consumers during the crisis.

Build Your Brand with Local Influencer Marketing

Vladimir Jones shares the what, who, how, and why of influencer marketing to help build local brands.  

How Local SEO Can Improve Your Rankings in Local Searches

Vladimir Jones outlines steps businesses can take to improve their positions in local search results by improving their local SEO.

Technology & Media Outlook 2021

Activate identifies and evaluates the most important trends for tech and media in the coming year.

5 Rules for Communicating Data in Digital Marketing

Vladimir Jones outlines five rules for effectively communicating data.  

Arab Youth Survey |

ASDA’A BCW surveys Middle East and North Africa youth, aged 18-24, to gain insight into their hopes, aspirations, and attitudes.