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2019 State of Black America

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The National Urban League’s annual report examines how African-Americans are faring in the areas of economics, employment, education, health, housing, criminal justice, and civic participation.

Global CEO Survey: Curbed Confidence Spells Caution

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PwC’s annual survey reveals the top opportunities, threats, and challenges of global and American CEOs.

Hispanic Market Guide

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The Culture Marketing Council provides demographic profiles and media habits of Hispanic consumers, as well as a list of top advertising, marketing, and media companies specializing in the Hispanic market.

From Viral to Tribal: The Next Frontier in Publishing

Comscore examines how Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials consume digital news in the US and the UK. Learn the differences of consumption by each generation and how publishers can prepare for the future.

North American Camping Report

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Kampgrounds of America details the camping habits and preferences of North American campers.

Marketing to Millennials in 2019

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Clever Real Estate provides insights into Millennial media habits, as well as ways to connect with them over digital channels, in its newest survey results.

Public Sentiment Towards Facebook Data Collection, Privacy, and Online Marketing in 2019

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Clever Real Estate surveyed Americans about their feelings towards online advertising, privacy, and data collection.

Global Views on Vices

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This Ipsos global survey was conducted to gather consumer opinions on various vices. See how the public feels about access to each vice, what they feel is morally acceptable in moderation, opinions on legalization of marijuana, and what they think the situation will look like in ten years.

Trends in Global Millennial Travel

GlobalData examines trends in global millennial travelers with a focus on markets in the USA, China and India.

Hispanic Social Marketing

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Adam R. Jacobson and HispanicAd review social media marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies targeting the U.S. Hispanic market with insights from top Hispanic agency and marketer leaders.

Marketing to Over-55s in China

Learn about the senior market in China in this infographic from Mintel.

Digital Consumer Trends in Canada

Mintel explores digital trends in Canada with information on new tech adoption, the bright future for wireless headphones, tasks performed on personal computers, and free content vs. paid content.

The Why Behind the Buy: Importance of Multicultural Shoppers

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Acosta examines the evolving views, attitudes, and shopping behaviors of multicultural grocery shoppers.

Taking Stock with Teens

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Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

Millennials and Their Money: The Kids Are All Right

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Baby Boomers and Millennials aren’t that different in how they spend and think about money, according to Morning Consult.

Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends

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The National Association of Realtors highlights differences and similarities of home buyers and sellers across generations.

Attitudes Towards Gaming

Gain insight into consumer video game habits and preferences from Mintel.

Millennials | Where They Shop. How They Shop. Why it Matters.

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SmarterHQ asked Millennials about their shopping habits and marketing preferences, revealing best practices for reaching them through email.

Trend Spotter: Five Retail Trends to Watch in 2019

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Synchrony Financial highlights five retail trends for 2018 and implications for retailers.

2019 Affluent Outlook

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Ipsos explores all aspects of the affluent market, including confidence in the economy, media habits, financial goals, and travel behaviors.

Parents, Kids & Money Survey

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This annual report from T. Rowe Price aims to understand the financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of parents, their kids, and those who are caring for an aging parent or relative.

Insights from 4A’s Research | Brand Loyalty: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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4A’s Research partnered with Researchscape to survey 1,000 consumers on the brands they love, how they find new products, and factors that cause them to stop buying a brand.

World Happiness Report

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The World Happiness Report looks into how happiness has changed between 2005-2018, country rankings by happiness, and how happiness is influenced by information technology, governance, and social norms. The report also includes a chapter devoted to the correlation of increased digital media usage and the decline of happiness in the United States.

Digital Media Trends Survey

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Deloitte provides insight into the media habits of U.S. consumers by generation in its annual report.