Thinking about how to retain and grow your female leaders?

It’s no secret that a huge opportunity exists to grow women into leaders within agencies. Research shows that motherhood is one of the primary reasons more women don’t grow into leadership roles.

Succeeding at the highest level of the agency environment while being a good mother can feel impossible. Overwhelmed by the weight of it all, women often leave the agency business along with their promising careers.

Mothers@Agencies grooms your high-potential mothers as leaders.
Mothers@Agencies is easy for you to offer to your mother.
You will see immediate results in your mothers.
This 8-session LIVE virtual coaching program transforms mothers into increasingly effective leaders through a relatable, coach-led curriculum. It’s a proven program that has successfully helped women take control and create lasting change within their work and their home lives. It is a transformative experience that changes their mindsets and actions. Mothers meet bi-weekly in small groups via an interactive webinar platform for 16 weeks. The learning and discussion is guided by a certified coach team who uniquely shape the conversation and guide each mother to discover what will work best for her. The program is designed to keep the learning and transformation going outside of the workshops, by assigning accountability partners, access to private social media forums, and simple homework assignments. Invest in your mothers and see them take control as they manage their workloads better. Witness the mothers at your agency as they fully engage each day, taking satisfaction from their contributions while impacting their teams and your agency. This leadership development program becomes both a powerful attraction as well as retention tool for your agency.

This program is proven to work.
More than 150 mothers can tell you that the program works.

One recent participant said:

“Before this program, I often questioned whether I should just be a stay at home mom and quit my job. Now I know that I can do both and want to do both!”

Who Should Participate?

This program is designed for valued mothers across all “work” and “mother” levels, including expectant mothers. In coming together with a cross-section of other mothers, the group learns from each other while each participant navigates to her own answers.

Need help convincing your manager? Here’s a sample letter to help guide your request.

Note: Each agency office can send a maximum of 2 participants per group. We also offer agencies the opportunity to run their own private groups. Contact us to learn more.

Meet the Coaches
Beryl Greenberg is a certified, executive coach who is passionate about helping professionals find the life they love and a career that supports it. Her coaching methodology helps her clients identify their visions, then encourages them to lean into their values as they make decisions. As an executive coach, former agency account leader and former executive agency recruiter, Beryl taps into her unique trifecta of professional experience to shape Mothers@Agencies. And Beryl is a mother to 3 boys!
Kerry Griffin is known in the agency community as an innovative talent developer with an infectious passion to grow team talent and engagement. Kerry began her agency career in client services before shifting focus to attracting and developing talent for teams across agencies. Now Kerry consults with several agencies through her company, Interesting People Tour. And she has 4 kids!

Do you have questions?

For questions related to the Mothers@Agencies program, please reach out to Jessalin Lam at