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Pursuit of Passion: Diversity in Advertising
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In US, Estimate of LGBT Population Rises in 4.5% |

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Gallup finds that 4.5% of American adults identify as LGBT in 2017, up from 4.1% in 2016. Statistics are provided by generations, gender, race/ethnicity, income, and education.

Social Media Trends in Canada |

Check out this infographic from Mintel and learn how social media usage in Canada differs by gender and generations, how parents use social media, and how brands can better leverage the medium.

A Guide to Progressive Gender Portrayals in Advertising |

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This report from the World Federation of Advertisers examines how women are portrayed in advertising and challenges marketers to stop producing stereotypical ads. The WFA encourages brands to use a more progressive portrayal of both sexes in ads, along with guidelines on how to accomplish this.

Maintaining Dignity: Understanding and Responding to the Challenges Facing Older LGBT Americans |

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AARP, in partnership with Community Marketing Inc., surveyed LGBT consumers 45+ to learn top concerns about aging and long-term care.

The Impact of Demographic Trends on Consumer Spending |

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The Conference Board examines how demographic shifts over the next decade will affect spending habits and reveals what it means for consumer-facing businesses.

The 80-Year-Old Millennial: How Millennials Imagine Health, Wealth, and Work in 50 Years |

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Prudential surveyed Millennials to learn their thoughts on the advancements and challenges they might face in 50 years in the workforce, technology, healthcare, and finance.

Kids as Influencers |

Mintel looks at the influence kids today have on household decisions.

Diversity, Division, Discrimination: The State of Young America

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PRRI and MTV surveyed youth 15-24 to gain an understanding of their attitudes, experiences with, and opinions on politics, racial discrimination, gender bias, and more.

The Millennial Generation: A Demographic Bridge to America’s Diverse Future |

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Brookings shares results of its study of the millennial market with statistical breakouts by ethnicity.