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What It’s Like At: Ignited

4A's Member

Ignited’s office, El Camp, is “A Creative Community Built by the Power of Curiosity.”

5 Questions for: Dan LaCivita of Firstborn

4A's Member

Learn what Firstborn CEO Dan LaCivita believes it will take to keep ad agencies thriving and indispensable today and into the future.

5 Questions for: Joe Baratelli of RPA

4A's Member

In its continuing series 4A’s 5 Questions for…RPA chief creative officer Joe Baratelli discusses the future of the agency and the biggest challenges facing the ad industry.

5 Questions for: Pam Scheideler of Deutsch LA

4A's Member

5 Questions for Pam Scheideler, chief digital officer at Deutsch LA. Scheideler weighs in on the challenges and opportunities within the ad agency business.

The Rise of the AI Adbot

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4A’s Member Op-Ed by VML’s Craig Elimeliah. Elimeliah shares his views on how AI Adbots enhance the user experience and aid the creative process.

5 Questions for: Marla Kaplowitz, CEO of MEC Global

4A's Member

The 4A’s is committed to sharing the thoughts of some of the most important leaders in the ad industry. Here MEC Global’s CEO Marla Kaplowitz is in the spotlight.

5 Questions for: DDB New York’s Chris Brown

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s is asking some of the ad industry’s most interesting thinkers to share their views on the future of advertising, change and what they really want to be when they grow up. Here DDB New York’s Chris Brown offers his thoughts: 1) What’s the biggest challenge or opportunity facing the ad industry right now? […]

MECA Students Visit 4A’s Offices

Diversity Initiatives

Students from Manhattan Early College School for Advertising (MECA) High School visited the 4A’s New York City offices on June 13, 2016 on their way to a media immersion day at MetaVision (GroupM). The students took in the views of the 4A’s 16th floor balcony. MetaVision hosted 16 high school freshmen from MECA for the day. […]

4A’s Op-Ed: Design, Say Hello to The New Master of Marketing in the Digital Age

Chick Foxgrover

Chief Digital Officer Chick Foxgrover, offers his views on design and the user experience. He says it’s the name of the game when it comes to surviving the marketing evolution changing the landscape of our fragmented, interactive digital media world.

4A’s Member Op-Ed: The Future of Marketing Is Less Advertising

4A's Member

In this op-ed Mike Proulx, EVP, Director of Digital Strategy & Tech Innovation at Hill Holliday, shares his perspective that brands fighting the daily share battle have a better weapon.

See It & Be It: Ad Agencies Need Young Talent

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The young and the creative have been the engine driving advertising agencies for decades. But those who once joined this business with dreams of making the next standout television commercial are no longer drawn to the industry in the same way. Some view advertising as stodgy—who wants to make a 30-second TV commercial when everyone they know is […]

Deutsch Lands a One-Two Punch

Marketing & Communications

April 27, 2016 — Deutsch today announced the final touch on the reinvigoration of its New York office with the hiring of Dan Kelleher as Chief Creative Officer and Partner. Additionally, Deutsch’s Los Angeles office will supercharge its creative offering with the hiring of renown Wieden+Kennedy creative, Jason Bagley, as Chief Creative Officer and Partner. “The […]

P&G’s New Agency Compensation/Brand Agency Leader Model |

This webinar—outlining 4A’s tips, tools and tactics—was first presented by P&G in June 2009 and is an overview of the P&G BAL model.