Data Privacy and the Ad Industry

What you need to know:

A vast legal and regulatory framework confronts today’s digital advertiser—from 50 different state data breach laws to a spectrum of industry-specific Federal laws that address health, financial and children’s data. Given that the Internet is global, marketers must also be aware of the consumer data protections enforced outside of the U.S.—across Canada, Latin America, Asia and the European Union.

It is essential for ad agencies to ensure that personal data is obtained with consumer awareness and permission and that such data is adequately secured and protected for all advertising uses. If it isn’t then the trust between brand and consumer is violated and the client can become exposed to Federal and state sanctions and possibly, private litigation.

What the 4A’s is doing to support the industry:

The 4A’s shares knowledge and insights on a rapidly developing online advertising marketplace. We work to protect consumer data through best practice frameworks while ensuring that agencies and advertisers are not burdened by heavy-handed legislation that may compromise an innovative, fast-moving Internet.

Where we stand:

4A’s has joined industry partners such as the ANA, IAB and DMA in cautioning against overly assertive restrictions on broadband Internet content proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This includes privacy rules the regulator has advanced that go well beyond the reasonable protections already enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the traditional consumer protection agency in government.

Privacy-Related Content

Industry Groups Say They Were Blindsided by FCC Privacy Change

Third Party Content

Companies have come to rely on the types of data the new rules would deem sensitive.

Advertising Age: Microsoft Lawsuit Over User Privacy Has No Basis, U.S. Says

Third Party Content

According to Advertising Age, the U.S. says there’s no legal basis for the government to be required to tell Microsoft customers when it intercepts their email.

4A’s Data Security Awareness Guidance

This white paper, developed by members of the 4A’s data security task force, is intended to elevate awareness of data security challenges.

Digital Advertising Alliance Unveils Program to Provide Consumer Privacy Controls in Mobile Environments

Media Services

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) today unveiled new guidance for assuring that its Self-Regulatory Principles currently enforced on the web are honored in mobile environments.

GroupM's John Montgomery Named Chairman of New 4A's Privacy Committee

Media Services

The 4A’s new privacy committee is scheduled to meet approximately every six weeks to address a wide range of Internet privacy issues as they relate to the advertising, marketing and media industries, particularly the use of interest-based advertising.

DAA to Senate: For Consumer Choice, Build on What Already Works

Government Relations

Rather than embrace recent browsers, lawmakers and technologists should instead reaffirm their support for the program that is already providing consumers with robust choice and control over their own data.

Poll: Americans Want Free Internet Content, Value Interest-Based Advertising

Media Services

Americans place great value on the availability of free Internet content, and appreciate Internet advertising that is tailored to their specific interests, a new poll finds.

4A’s Transformation Conference Tackles Challenges of Changing Industry

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s drew upwards of 1,300 advertising and entertainment industry professionals to a two-day conference at the Beverly Hilton that was dedicated to tackling the key challenges of a changing industry-privacy, talent and the impact of technology.

The 4A's Takes Position on "Do-Not-Track"

Government Relations

The 4A’s is actively representing member concerns in the ongoing debate around the so-called “Do-Not-Track” (DNT) movement in Web browser technology.

Second Day Highlights at 4A’s 2012 CreateTech Conference in Santa Monica

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s second annual CreateTech Conference, which promised a “vision of the possible” did not disappoint. Nearly 200 people from around the country attended the two-day conference.

Self-Regulation Keeps Pace With Innovation

Media Services

The Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program (Accountability Program) today released the results of formal inquiries into the consumer data-collection and use practices of seven companies in the online advertising industry.

Client Data Security

Management Services

This discusses the background on data security issues, the difference between data security and disaster recovery, and offers illustrative samples of data security policies obtained from 4A’s members.