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The 4A’s Washington, DC office advocates on behalf of the advertising agency community on all issues that could affect agencies, from overtime rule changes from the Department of Labor to proposals from the House Ways & Means Committee to remove full deductibility of advertising as a necessary business expense.

As the debates over privacy and data security rage on both Capitol Hill and in the states, the 4A’s Washington, D.C. office is working to preserve the ability of advertisers and marketers to continue to use data in a sound, responsible manner that supports both consumer privacy and continued innovation in our industry.

With the ongoing hunt for revenue by Treasury, the 4A’s D.C. office is also committed to working to preserve the full deductibility of pharmaceutical advertising in 2019 and beyond.

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What Agencies Need to Know about the California Consumer Privacy Act

The 4A’s has published guidance for agencies preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which takes effect January 1, 2020, and may require extensive reviews of internal policies, practices, and compliance rules.

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4A’s Joins Advertising Trades to Voice Concerns Over the Illinois Data Transparency and Privacy Act

The 4A’s joins advertising trades to voice concerns over the Data Transparency and Privacy Act in Illinois. 

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4A’s Joins Advertising Trades To Oppose An Opt-In Requirement for the CCPA Versus The Current Opt-Out Requirement

The 4A’s and other advertising trade groups oppose overarching opt-in consent requirements in the CCPA. Read the comments now.

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New “Privacy for America” Coalition Calls for Strong Data Privacy Protections for All Americans

Top policy experts and trade organizations today launched the new “Privacy for America” coalition, which will work with Congress to support enactment of groundbreaking comprehensive federal consumer data privacy and security legislation.

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4A’s Joins With Advertising Trades Expressing Concerns With Proposed Privacy Legislation In Texas That Fails To Distinguish Between Pseudonymized Data And Personally Identifiable Information

The 4A’s joins ad trades in expressing concern over the Texas Consumer Privacy Act and Texas Privacy Protection Act.

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4A’s Joins With Advertising Trades Expressing Concerns With Washington State’s Privacy Legislation That Would Introduce A Private Right Of Action And Eliminate Cure Periods

The 4A’s joins ad trades in expressing concern over Washington state’s Privacy Act.

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4A’s Joins Advertising Trades To Oppose An Expanded CCPA Private Right Of Action That Would Include All Violations Of The CCPA, Not Just Data Breach

Read the comments the 4A’s and other advertising trade groups submitted regarding an opposition to an expanded CCPA Private Right of Action.

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4A’s Presents Concerns with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Alison Pepper, SVP, 4A’s Government Relations, delivered a statement at the California Attorney General’s hearing in Fresno, regarding member agencies’ concerns about the California Consumer Privacy Act. Issues include consent, the use of publicly available data, and the conflation of pseudonymized data and personal information.

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How the 4A’s is Tackling the Overtime Issue in Washington

Government Relations

Wage inequality and workers’ rights are themes you will hear often on the Presidential campaign trail this year. Even President Obama has made regulatory enforcement of labor policy a focus of his final term. The most vivid example is a new regulation about compensation that soon will go into force, without any public debate, Congressional hearings or […]

U.S. Department of Labor Modifies Overtime Pay Rules

Management Services

We want to alert Members to the U.S. Department of Labor release of modified employee overtime pay rules. The new rules which take effect on December 1, 2016 will have a material impact on many U.S. businesses including marketing service companies.

Overtime Pay Rules: Agency Considerations

Management Services

The U.S. Department of Labor has dedicated major resources toward “updating” and “clarifying” the overtime pay regulations that have been in place since 2004. As with the earlier regulations, the new overtime pay rules, which are effective December 1, 2016, are complex, but they apply to virtually all businesses and will necessarily change significant aspects of agency operations.

New York State Extends Labor Law Protections to Child Print Models |

Marketing & Communications

Recent legislation concerning the employment of child models in New York State was signed into law Monday evening, October 21, 2013, by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and takes effect 30 days from signing.

White House, DOC and FTC Commend DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program to Protect Consumer Online Privacy

Media Services

DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program, developed by the nation’s leading media, marketing, and technology companies, provides consumers with a consistent online experience with transparency and choice regarding the collection and use of web viewing data.