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Car Parts & Ecommerce

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Absolunet and inRiver provide an ecommerce guide automotive aftermarket merchants can use to target digital consumers.

TAG European Fraud Benchmark Study

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The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) has released results of its study of digital advertising fraud in Europe. The report shows that TAG Certified Channels reduced the level of fraud by more than 94% from the industry average.

Digital 2019: Global Digital Overview

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We Are Social and Hootsuite have just published their global digital overview chock full of statistics on Internet, social media, and mobile usage around the globe. World’s most visited websites, growth rates, voice search, content streaming activities, demographics of social media users, mobile apps, and much more are all covered.

A New Video World Order | What Motivates Consumers?

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In its annual report on video consumption, PwC divides consumers into five distinct video watching segments and provides demographic profiles, viewing habits, and audience motivations for each.

AdReaction: Getting Gender Right

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Kantar looks into the current state of gender in brand strategy, creative response, and media targeting.  The report also includes a global survey of marketers and consumer responses to thousands of brands, campaigns, and ads.

Insta-branding | The Impact of Instagram on the Orthodoxies of Traditional Branding

4A's Member

Ogilvy examines how smaller brands are redefining the traditional rules of advertising and marketing by using Instagram to connect directly with their consumers.

Top 10 Banking Trends to Watch in 2019

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Accenture shares ten trends, predictions, and best guesses that retail and commercial banks should pay attention to in 2019.

Top Email Design Trends of 2019

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Email Monks shares email design trends that will gain popularity in 2019.

2019 Retailer Playbook

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RetailMeNot reveals the top ten trends that will define retail in 2019.