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Global Automotive Color Popularity Report

Research Services

Axalta Coating Systems learn the most popular car color, as well as color preferences by vehicle type around the world.

R3 New Business League Report – December 2018

Updated monthly, R3’s New Business League reports highlight the Creative and Media Agency new business activity on an ongoing basis. Here are the PDFs from December 2018 available for all users to view.

Global Powers of Retailing 2019

Research Services

Deloitte examines the largest retailers and fastest-growing retailers around the world.

2019 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards

Research Services

See how Canadian and American consumers rank the most trusted CPG brands in BrandSpark’s annual ranking.

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends

Research Services

Euromonitor has released its report of the ten global consumer trends for 2019. Find out what they are and how brands can tailor their products and services for a wider reach.

Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

Research Services

Brand Keys examines customers’ relationships with brands and ranks leading brands in 90 categories.

Elevating the Customer Experience | The Impact of Sensory Marketing

Research Services

Mood Media surveyed consumers around the world to learn the impact of a store’s atmosphere on the overall shopping experience.

Global Survey on the Perception of Residents Towards City Tourism: Impact and Measures

Research Services

UNWTO and Ipsos collaborate on their first global survey to understand how residents feel about tourism in 15 countries. This executive summary also covers strategies that residents feel are necessary to manage the flow of tourism in the respective locations.

Megatrends Defining Travel in 2019

Research Services

Skift has released its megatrends travel report for 2019. Some of the topics include wellness and premium travel, shift from destination marketing to destination management, low-cost airlines, and more.