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UNWTO International Tourism Highlights |

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The World Tourism Organization provides statistics and trends in international travel, top destinations, top spenders, and more.

Car Buyer Journey 2019

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Cox Automotive reveal insights into the path to purchase for new and used cars.

End-of-Summer Checkup |

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Rally Health surveyed consumers on how they feel during the transition from summer to fall, as well as preventive care habits.

B2B Marketing Mix Report |

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Sagefrog’s annual survey of B2B marketing professionals in healthcare, technology, and business service industries highlights marketing budgets, top areas of marketing spend, top sources of sales and marketing leads, and more.

The Gen Z Reckoning: Brand Relevance, Respect and the Rise of a New Generation |

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BBMG has released a report on the Gen Z market and how brands can more effectively reach them. Learn the five steps that brands should follow to become more authentic, relevant, and impactful in the lives of this generation.

Hotel Chain Development Pipelines in Africa |

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W Hospitality Group shares its annual report on the growth of the hotel industry in Africa. This year, 43 international and regional contributors reported on the pipeline activity of 401 hotels in 54 countries located in North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Indian Ocean islands.

Hotels Outlook: 2019–2023 – Future Resilience |

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PwC provides an overview of the hotel industry in South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Kenya, and Tanzania. See how the industry fared in 2018 and understand its growth potential through 2023.

Direct-to-Consumer Brands: TV Performance Benchmarks

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TVSquared examines direct-to-consumer brand advertising to see what’s working, what’t not, and best practices to make more effective TV ads.

Top Independent Tire Dealers

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Modern Tire Dealer ranks the top 100 independent tire dealers in the U.S. by retail sales.