Ignited Introduces Police Recruitment Campaign

By 2024, nearly half of the El Segundo Police Department (ESPD) will be eligible for retirement. Facing increased competition for qualified Lateral Officers across the Greater Los Angeles area, ESPD needed an innovative solution to their recruiting efforts.

After an in-depth review, ESPD awarded the contract to Ignited – an El Segundo-based strategic marketing consultancy to develop and implement a strategic communications plan to attract Lateral Officers to join the force. The scope of the project included the creation of a brand and messaging strategy, creative campaign, campaign production, media buying and distribution, as well as analytics and reporting.

The creative was inspired by stories shared about the City of El Segundo and what it meant to serve at ESPD. “We are uniquely ESPD” became the essence of the campaign for its ability to clearly communicate what makes El Segundo and ESPD so special to the community.


WE. The collective agency (Current, Lateral, new, cadets and the countless support teams).
UNIQUELY. Reflects the many aspects that make El Segundo special. Local to international businesses, Government, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Innovation and Creativity, the sports and beach community, and so much more.
ESPD = Reinforces who we are and the values we serve by.

To bring the campaign to life, a focused media approach was developed to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion of Police Officers in specific areas to maximize results.

The campaign launched Monday, April 1st.

For more information, please visit https://www.joinespd.com/ to learn more and apply.