Sports Parents Survey

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TD Ameritrade examines the time and money parents are spending on youth sports and how these expenses are impacting their savings.

5 Ways to Level Up Your Media Strategy for Global Sporting Events

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The 2020 Summer Multisport Games are one of the most popular sporting events around the globe. Facebook IQ provides five tips to help brands tap into this massive audience.

Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry

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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) provides a comprehensive profile of Americans who play video games, as well as their spending habits.

Health and Fitness Clubs

Mintel provides insights into gym users and what they look for in a health and fitness club.

North American Camping Report

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Kampgrounds of America details the camping habits and preferences of North American campers.

Global Views on Vices

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This Ipsos global survey was conducted to gather consumer opinions on various vices. See how the public feels about access to each vice, what they feel is morally acceptable in moderation, opinions on legalization of marijuana, and what they think the situation will look like in ten years.

Why Mobile Gaming Is the Future of Leisure Time

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Think with Google explores the current state of today’s gamers in this global report.

Gaming Statistics 2019

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RubinBrown provides a comprehensive review of the U.S. gaming industry.

Attitudes Towards Gaming

Gain insight into consumer video game habits and preferences from Mintel.

Theatrical Home Entertainment Market Environment (THEME) Report

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The MPAA shares international and U.S./Canada box office sales, top films, moviegoer and home viewer demographics, and more in its annual report.

Digital Media Trends Survey

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Deloitte provides insight into the media habits of U.S. consumers by generation in its annual report.

Two-Thirds of Gen Z Males Say Gaming is a Core Component of Who They Are

Gain insight into Gen Z men’s video gaming behaviors, social components of gaming, and examples of brands targeting gamers successfully in this article from Whistle.