Electronics Retailing

Mintel looks into electronics retailer trends and examines consumer shopping habits for electronics in this infographic series.

Digital Trends in China

Mintel explores trends in the ownership of digital devices in China with information on ownership rates, emerging products, and purchasing motivations.

Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry

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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) provides a comprehensive profile of Americans who play video games, as well as their spending habits.

Transcendent: How Augmented Reality is Shaping the Hospitality Industry

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If your next hotel stay includes a sneak peek at the layout of your room, or a set of virtual keys in your mobile device, you’re seeing how the hospitality industry is improving its using augmented reality to improve customer experience. Kelly Potter’s recent blog post for software provider Transcendent features an in-depth look at […]

Digital Consumer Trends in Canada

Mintel explores digital trends in Canada with information on new tech adoption, the bright future for wireless headphones, tasks performed on personal computers, and free content vs. paid content.

Attitudes Towards Gaming

Gain insight into consumer video game habits and preferences from Mintel.

State of Voice

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Adobe Digital Insights surveyed consumers about smart speakers and voice assistants.

Trend Spotter: Five Retail Trends to Watch in 2019

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Synchrony Financial highlights five retail trends for 2018 and implications for retailers.

Today’s Consumers Reveal the Future of Healthcare

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Accenture examines patient satisfaction and attitudes towards traditional and non-traditional health care delivery models.

2019 Tech Trends Report

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The Future Today Institute forecasts emerging technology trends that will influence the advertising, public relation, media, and journalism industries in the year ahead.

Marketer’s Guide to African American Millennials

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Viant outlines the best ways brands can connect with African American Millennals and lists their preferred brands in a variety of categories.

Global 500 2019

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Brand Finance determines the 500 most valuable and strongest brands in the world. Rankings by industry and country are available.