Inside the Campaign: BARKER Creates ‘Yo Mama’ Joke Generator Celebrating Working Moms

BARKER Celebrates Working Moms

This Mother’s Day, BARKER is celebrating working moms, and recognizing that there are so many women balancing both careers and family – and doing a beautiful job of it. The agency gives the classic “yo mama” joke a surprising twist. Instead of insults, the phrases are meant to celebrate working moms everywhere with funny lines like, “Yo Mama so strong, you forget she has two jobs,” and points out more serious issues, like the gender pay gap, for example: “Yo Mama so powerful she broke the glass ceiling.”

The US Department of Labor says 57 percent of women are working, and 70 percent of moms with kids under 18 years old are also heading to work, every day. So, most women aren’t following exclusively one path, or choosing family or career – but going for both, with passion and power. This effort was inspired by BARKER’s recent “Working Mother of the Year” win for EVP, Creative Director, Sandi Harari, and also gives a nod to other industry thought leaders like Sallie Krawcheck and Cindy Gallop.

“We’re extremely fortunate to work at an agency with such strong female leaders who not only run their own departments, but who are also amazing moms,” said Brand Manager, Emma Swanson, “We thought it would be great to honor them by creating ‘Working Mother’s Day’.”

Agency: BARKER

Chief Idea Officer: John Barker

Associate Creative Director: Jennifer Schwartz

Art Director: Sam Canvin

Creative Technologist: Larry Williamson

Brand Manager: Emma Swanson