Inside the Campaign: Supercell’s “Legends of 2v2” Real-Time Video Generator by Firstborn

The 4A’s features the work of its members via the series Inside the Campaign. Here, Firstborn takes you inside its campaign for Supercell.

Campaign: Clash Royale “Legends of 2v2” Real-Time Video Generator

Agency: Firstborn

Client: Supercell

Campaign Background

Clash Royale, Supercell’s hit mobile game and App Store darling, boasts one of the largest fan bases, with millions of daily active players. Typically a single-player game, the special “Summer of 2v2” promotion allows players to team up and compete against each other in a no-holds-barred battle for victory, doubling the number of players and amplifying the elixir-fueled fun.

New York-based Firstborn was tapped to help Clash Royale players channel this enthusiasm—giving them a way to celebrate their partnerships and share their passion. The agency created the “Legends of 2v2,” a dynamic, real-time story generator that lets players create personalized content featuring their battle teams and share it across social media.

To create custom video content, players simply select a chapter from the “Legends of 2v2” Clash Royale tome and upload team members’ names and photos; the site then dynamically generates a customized video story on the fly. As the entire experience is Facebook Connect-enabled, users can easily share their videos to their walls and tag their friends for added reach.

To allow for dynamic video generation within seconds, Firstborn provisioned a server-less infrastructure leveraging Amazon’s Lambda to run FFmpeg and ImageMagick. This gave the campaign the power to scale immediately, allowing more than 1,000 different users to create personalized videos all at once.

The result? More than 177,000 videos created around the world in just the first week of the campaign’s launch.


CCO: Joon Park

Associate Creative Director: Sam Isenstein

Designer: Kyle Helmstetter

Associate Designer: Dan Lemperle

Associate Designer: Camilo Vargas

Copywriter: Lily Stockton

Associate Copywriter: Joey McRobert

Executive Producer: Laura Rosenblatt

Senior Producer: Jillian Likens

Producer: Stephen Maouyo

VP of Technology: Eric Decker

Principal Developer: Thomas Ansart

Senior Developer: Owen VanDijk

Creative Developer: Morgan Villedieu

Senior Development Operations Engineer: Shawn Woodford

AD of Motion Graphics: Michael Kuzmich

Animator: Carlos Foxworthy

3D Animator: Casey Reuter

Animator: Erik Rasmussen

Compositor/Animator: Fred Kim

3D Character Animator: Michelle Acuna

Junior 3D Artist: Merrill Hall

Matte Painter: Denis Kozyrev

Designer: Alan Rodriguez Madrigal

Associate Editor: Mike Wells

Senior 3D Artist: Ron White

Director of Analytics: Liju George

Associate Data Strategist: Da Yoon Oh

Sound Design and Audio Mix: Sound Distillery