Internet Trends 2019

This annual report from Mary Meeker of Bond Capital highlights key global Internet trends, including:

  • Growth of Internet users and usage
  • Solid growth and healthy innovation in online advertising, but customer acquisition costs (CAC) may be rising to unsustainable levels
  • Images and interactive gaming (aka Fortnite) are increasingly relevant ways to communicate
  • Evolution of the freemium business model, highlighting its transition from gaming to enterprise to consumer services
  • Using data and artificial intelligence to improve customer satisfaction
  • Concerns of the Internet and social media, like addiction, privacy, problematic content, and amplifying of misinformation and bad behavior
  • Motivations of an open Internet
  • Rise of the on-demand and remote workforce
  • Offline higher education institutions are expanding their reach in online education, hence providing growth of online education tools and platforms
  • Importance of immigration on U.S. technology companies
  • Summary of the America’s finances
  • Implementing innovations in healthcare to improve accessibility and centralize user experience.

A chapter on China covering similar topics is featured as well. The media usage of both American and global consumers (including time spend per day with digital media) can be found throughout the report.

Read the full report here.