Team Building With the Upright Citizens Brigade

Get your team to be faster on their feet with the help of our world-class instructors. We use improv comedy and storytelling techniques to help agency teams communicate, connect and collaborate better. It’s ideal for new groups who don’t know each other well, as well as seasoned teams who want to shake things up. These kinds of workshops are great for off-sites, sales events, annual meetings and parties.
All our team-building workshops are customized and can be structured to meet specific agency communication goals. You tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. (And it’ll be fun!)

What You Will Learn:
  • How to be a better listener
  • The creative power of “Yes, and…”
  • How to build and convey trust with colleagues
  • The secret to stronger, richer, faster ideas
Workshop Structure:

Typically, this workshop runs between 90 and 120 minutes for up to 20 participants. They are highly interactive, structured around a series of exercises, and run by one instructor.
For larger groups (up to 500), we offer this program as a UCB Masterclass. Here, we work from a stage and bring individuals up from the audience to participate in exercises. The first segment lasts for 60 minutes; the second segment is a 30-minute performance based on what was learned during the Masterclass. Three to four instructors typically run a UCB Masterclass.

Workshop Pricing + Logistics:

If you’re interested in purchasing this workshop for your agency, please complete this request form and someone from the 4A’s Learning & Development Team will schedule a kick off call to discuss your needs and confirm pricing.
Note: No out-of-pocket expenses (such as meals, travel, hotel, printed materials, facility space if required, etc.) are included in the workshop fee. Those costs will be billed by the facilitator to agency separately.

About the Upright Citizens Brigade:

The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) is the comedy powerhouse founded by Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. We run two theaters in New York and two in LA, where we feature improv and sketch comedy seven nights a week. We also operate the only accredited sketch and improv training school in the country, with classroom facilities on both coasts. In addition to our classes and live comedy performances, we work with brands, ad agencies, media companies and universities. We run a branded content unit/TV production studio and a touring company that performs at theaters and colleges. Our improv workshops are the de facto standard for corporate training and team building.

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