In advertising, we don’t like to use the word sales. We’ll call it “organic growth”, “business development” or “presentation.” Yet the greatest tragedy in our business are all the amazing strategies and ideas that die not because the client didn’t buy them – but because we failed to sell them. And every time we fail to sell it hurts both profit margin and portfolios, and ultimately your compensation.
In this highly interactive one-day course, you’ll learn the full art of selling great work. This course is ideal for mid to senior-level employees across departments who sell to internal/external audiences.

What You Will Learn

Key Outputs can include:

  • Client buying dossiers to improve success
  • Actions plans for adapting to different buying styles
  • Specific language techniques to overcome buying barriers
  • Process for handling objections and questions
Workshop Structure

This is a full-day session. The content can be tailored to your specific needs, but often includes modules such as:

  • Your Individual DiSC Sales Profile
    • The priorities that shape your sales experience
    • Your personal sales strengths & challenges
    • How to recognize and adapt to different buying styles
  • The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Selling
  • The Top 10 Selling Principles
  • Identifying Buying Motivators And Barriers
  • How To Package Ideas
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Planning For Objections And Questions
  • Understanding The Pre-sell
  • Asking For The “Sale”
  • Managing The Post-sell Applying Everything You Learn In Mock Sales Situations
Workshop Pricing + Logistics

If you’re interested in purchasing this workshop for your agency, please complete this request form and someone from the 4A’s Learning & Development Team will schedule a kick off call to discuss your needs and confirm pricing.
Note: No out-of-pocket expenses (such as meals, travel, hotel, printed materials, facility space if required, etc.) are included in the workshop fee. Those costs will be billed by the facilitator to agency separately.

About Mark Strong

Mark Strong is a highly engaging trainer with more than 25 years of experience in the advertising world. He’s worked with blue-chip brands such as MasterCard, BMW, Starbucks and Levi’s at agencies such as Fallon and McCann. Within these organizations, he’s held roles such as Director of Account Management, Chief of Staff, Director of New Business and Head of Learning & Development.
In addition to training professionals in advertising and other creative industries, Mark has more than a decade of experience as an Executive Coach, strategic facilitator and team building expert. He is accredited through the International Coach Federation and has significant credentials from Coach U, The Landmark Forum, DiSC, Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, and The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

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