We love the business we’re in. We can innovate, collaborate, win. We ought to be constantly energized. But some of us aren’t, at least not as often as we’d like.

The principles of Mindset, recently popularized by psychologists and authors Carol Dweck, Amy Cuddy, and Angela Duckworth, might explain why sometimes we thrive and we sometimes we drag. It’s now the hottest topic in corporate America, and is probably part of the curriculum at many of your clients’ businesses. With a better understanding of Mindset, we can be more successful more often, even in the toughest situations.

In this workshop, participants will learn why Mindset might be at the core of our biggest successes and most frustrating failures. You’ll see the role it plays in new business pursuits, client relationships, innovation and creativity, and even individual development. You’ll be able to identify when your Mindset might be holding you back from peak performance. And you’ll find ways to shift your Mindset when necessary, and coach your teams and clients to shift theirs as well.

What You Will Learn:
  • The core elements of Mindset
  • How Mindset drive attitudes, behaviors, team dynamics, and ultimate results
  • Changing your perspective on critical events
  • Creating your own growth opportunities
  • Thriving in difficult or unexpected situations
  • Coaching for a “Growth Mindset”
Workshop Structure:

This is a fast-moving, half-day workshop with many team and individual activities. The principles of Mindset – as identified by deep subject matter experts – will be explained in quick, simple terms.
Participants will then see how they apply to their own specific situations, and how to make any desired changes.

Content can be easily be customized to address specific issues or groups within the agency. Mindset: The New Key to Success is appropriate for all levels and department in the agency, and particularly relevant to agency management, leadership, and anyone in a client-facing role.

Workshop Pricing + Logistics:

If you’re interested in purchasing this workshop for your agency, please complete this request form and someone from the 4A’s Learning & Development Team will schedule a kick off call to discuss your needs and confirm pricing.

Note: No out-of-pocket expenses (such as meals, travel, hotel, printed materials, facility space if required, etc.) are included in the workshop fee. Those costs will be billed by the facilitator to agency separately.

About Bob Wiesner:

Bob Wiesner started Wiesner Consulting Group in 2012 to help agencies grow revenue and better engage their best people. He has over 25 years of experience in training and consulting, working with the top agencies in every communications channel. Importantly, he’s worked closely with the largest management consultancies, banks, media companies, packaged goods companies, and IT firms. Bob knows how agencies sell and how clients buy. He brings this perspective to all his training engagements. Bob has been a Senior Executive at Saatchi, KPMG, McCann and BBDO.

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