Mirror/Mirror: Women’s Reflections on Beauty, Age, and Media |

Research Services

AARP examines women’s attitudes about beauty, aging, and how they’re represented in media and advertising.

The CMO Lifecycle | Tenure Analysis and New Business Opportunities |

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Winmo reports CMO tenure trends and what it means for ad agencies in this exclusive access for 4A’s members.

Media Predictions 2019

Kantar discusses media and digital predictions for 2019.

13 Questions to Help You Write a Compelling Creative Brief in 2018 |

Research Services

Hubspot provides a guide to writing the great creative brief for ad agencies.

Using Data to Inspire Creative Briefs |

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Facebook IQ shares a hypothesis-driven insights approach that will help marketers better process and use data to inform their marketing decisions and write a stellar creative brief.

Planning Tools & Hacks |

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This is a collection of links to offbeat tools and blogs for and by planners and strategists.

4A’s Stratfest Report 2017

More than 300 of the sharpest strategists in the ad business gathered in New York last week for the 20th annual 4A’s Strategy Festival, which was themed “Data + Humanity: Planning Redefined.” Learn more and download the full report here.

Globality Webinar with Porter Gale (Q4 Western New Business Committee) |

Globality’s Porter Gale participated in the West Region New Business Committee meeting on November 17, at Eleven in San Francisco, to share observations on the agency search process and provide committee members with information related to Globality’s web-based agency search platform (www.globality.com/).

The Atlantic Moves Against Ad Blockers

Digital Technologies

The Wall Street Journal reports the publisher is moving to an ad-free subscription model. This is a valuable read for 4A’s Members, as ad blocking continues to be a major concern for the industry.

Webinar: Q4 New Business Committee – Webinar with Agency Spotter Co-Founder Brian Regienczuk |

In this webinar, Agency Spotter CEO and Co-Founder Brian Regienczuk shares findings and key learning from Agency Spotter’s Agency Search Trends Report. The presentation was originally delivered at the Q4 meeting of the 4A’s New Business Committee.

Jay Chiat Grand Prix Presentation/Wrap-Up/Close |

Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) Boulder, Starcom and Olson Engage Chicago are presented with the Grand Prix for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – “Blind Taste Test” Mollie Rosen, EVP, Agency Relations and Membership, 4A’s and Sarah Watson, Global and NY Chief Strategy Officer, BBH New York wrap-up and close StratFest 2016. All of the day’s […]

Outside In: VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk in Conversation with Mashable’s Kerry Flynn |

Kerry Flynn, Business Reporter, Mashable interviews Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, VaynerMedia on Day 2 of StratFest 2016. All of the day’s sessions can be viewed on our 4A’s YouTube Channel.