Organizing Your Agency for Social: Social Media Team Frameworks, Staffing & Future-Proofing

Available to non-members for a limited time. The 4As’ social media committee has written a comprehensive white paper to help agencies organize a social media practice for sustainability and success for their clients and business.

Voice Playbook | The Definitive Marketer’s Guide to Voice

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360i created this go-to manual for understanding the complex voice ecosystem and shares what they learned over the past year exploring and executing voice.

Study Reveals That Creative Asset Workflow Lags Years Behind Innovations in Media Buying and Negatively Impacts Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers

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This comprehensive report from Extreme Reach, based on research commissioned with Advertiser Perceptions™, illuminates just how cumbersome and inefficient it is for ad ops teams to find and prepare creative assets for video campaigns.

Wunderman Study ‘Future Ready’ Reveals That Despite Greater Access To Marketing Technology, Nearly 7 In 10 Businesses Still Struggle To Achieve Digital Readiness

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Wunderman has introduced Future Ready as a call to action for business and marketing leaders to act now in order to prepare their businesses for the future.

4A’s CES Report 2018

In this report, Chick Foxgrover, 4A’s EVP of creative technologies and innovation, shares his perspective on this year’s CES conference — including key take-aways for agencies, insights on voice technology, VR, smart homes, and more.

The Digital Talent Gap—Are Companies Doing Enough?

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Capgemini and LinkedIn have released a global report on the digital talent gap, an analysis of the demand and supply of talent with specific digital skills and the availability of digital roles across multiple industries.

Blockchain Technology: The Marketing Value of Digital Permanence

This whitepaper, part of the 4A’s Digital Horizons Series, explores the reasons why blockchain technology — the innovation behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency protocol — will have greater impact on the communications and marketing trade within the next five to ten years than social media did from 1995 to 2005.

State of Digital Advertising

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Adobe Digital Insights reports on digital advertising conditions in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

4A’s Digital Horizons Series Whitepaper: Innovation Labs

The 4A’s Digital Horizons Series explores the current and near future landscape of digital technology and innovation in the advertising industry. This whitepaper, “Innovation Labs,” provides a fact-based, insider view for those who are considering the best path forward for their own innovation efforts.

Creativity, Technology, and Advertising of the Future

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SteelHouse Chief Product Officer Marwan Soghaier Presents his Vision for Creative Technology at 4A’s CreateTech.

CreateTech 2016 Conference Wrap-up With Chick Foxgrover

Chick Foxgrover, Chief Digital Officer at the 4A’s wraps-up CreateTech 2016. All of the day’s sessions can be viewed on our 4A’s YouTube Channel.

Experience Design & The Future of Advertising Panel Moderated by Piers Fawkes

Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK moderated the “Experience Design & The Future of Advertising” panel on day 2 of CreateTech 2016. Panelists: Torsten Gross, Executive Planning Director, JWT Adriana Krasniansky, Senior Researcher, PSFK Billie Whitehouse, Co-Founder, Wearables Experiments Christopher Tai, VP, Director of Technology, Deutsch All of the day’s sessions can be viewed on our […]