Project-by-Project Do’s & Don’ts | Agency Best Practice Guidance |

The industry is seeing more clients evolving Project-by-Project (PxP) arrangements with agencies. PxP relationships between clients and agencies create both opportunities and challenges for both marketers and marketing services firms. Members of the 4A’s community have been endeavoring to figure out best practices for dealing with the shift by some clients from annual retainer relationships with their agencies to PxP relationships.

2018 Employee Compensation Study Completed |

The 2018 Employee Compensation final report, showing salaries as of May 2018, has just been published. The study includes salary data from agencies of all sizes, reflecting the responses of 333 member agency offices providing data on over 30,000 salaries for 233 job titles in 19 job categories.

Video Seminar: Pricing as a Discipline and Proposal Writing for Marketing Services |

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Large Agency & Media Finance Committees on October 26, 2017 by Rick Brook, SVP, Global Client Operations at WPP. 

4A’s Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report

The 83rd Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report, showing operating cost and income figures of member agencies for 2016 agency data, is now available. Download the order form here.

Webinar: 2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report (LBRSR) Guidance Discussion |

On July 27th, 4A’s held an agency-only webinar to help survey participants and 4A’s members understand the important information contained in the 2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report (LBRSR).

4A’s Releases Agency Hourly Labor Billing Rate Report

This report reveals that 2016 labor billing rates in the advertising industry are generally higher than those in 2014. Findings of this report include industry-wide guidance on market based labor rates.

4A’s MSA Guidance: Client Audit Guidance

4A’s Client Audit Guidance recommends that agencies and advertisers collaborative to design effective efficient controls and verification procedures related to significant marketing expenditures. This document is an updated version of the Client Audit Guidance issued in October 2014.

Boston Advertising Agency Connelly Partners Helps Employees Pay Down Student Loans with New Work/Life Benefit from Gratifi.
Benefit will help with Millennial talent retention and recruitment, Connelly Partners is first advertising agency to offer Gratify.

BOSTON (June 13, 2016)-– Advertising agency Connelly Partners is known for its over the top work life benefits, including an annual company trip to Disney World. Agency founder and CEO, Steve Connelly announced the latest benefit to improve the financial health of its employees- Gradifi, a Student Loan Paydown Plan™ provider. “We look through a […]

4A’s MSA Guidance: Data Security – The Rules of the Road

Industry subject matter experts from the 4A’s community developed the this whitepaper to provide agency management with a framework for evolving discussion on master service agreements (MSA) data security considerations and predominant industry practice.

4A’s Guidance Paper: The Myth of The Working vs. Non-Working Ratio

Developed by the 4A’s finance committees, this paper helps facilitate and inform agency-client discussions related to the composition of effective and efficient marketing investment.

4A’s 2015 Labor Hourly Billing Rate Survey Report

This report covers actual hourly rates agreed upon between agencies and clients in 2014, and provides the industry with labor billing rate information.

4A’s Position Paper on Agency Compensation |

The 4A’s Board of Directors has adopted a new 4A’s position paper, developed by the 4A’s Finance Committees, “Best Practice Guidance | Agency Compensation: Market-Based Labor Rates.”