Join the Effort to Rebuild Puerto Rico with Today, I’m Brave’s 100Roofs Project

The 4A’s is proud to partner with Today, I’m Brave for the 100Roofs Project, a joint humanitarian effort with HEART 9/11 focused on aiding Puerto Ricans still suffering in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Since the devastating storms made landfall nearly one year ago, there are still thousands of people displaced from their homes, relegated to hazardous living conditions, exposed to harsh weather, and ineligible for aid because they lack proper ownership documentation. The aim of the 100Roofs Project is to not only construct 100 new roofs by the end of 2018, but to also help rebuild the lives and communities of those affected by the storms. In addition to sending professional carpenters from New York to Puerto Rico, 100Roofs is also training local men and women to become professional roofers themselves through an apprenticeship program.

We encourage our members to join us by donating funds, providing in-kind donations, and/or partnering with Today, I’m Brave in support of this noble effort.

Visit for more information and to donate.