Management Practitioners’ Forum
2019 Event Highlights

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Session Highlights

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (MPF) features mission-critical topics, speakers who share practical solutions, and a forum environment that encourages open discussion.

MPF participants are entrepreneurs, agency operations management and principals…a smart, vested and action-oriented group of thinkers and doers.

Win Without the (Winning) Work

Managing & Optimizing PxP (Project by Project) Relationships

The Quantum Age of Marketing

How Clients Approach Marketing Org Structure and External Agency Resources

The Client Point of View: What Clients Want and Need

You Can’t Compete with an Enemy You Don’t Understand

Agency Business Models and Models of the Future

The Future of Strategy—Building Agency Strategic Capabilities

A View From the Edge: The Future of Innovative Marketing

The Rejuvenation of Bandy Carroll Hellige

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Demystified: The Strengths and Weaknesses for Advertisers and How to Maximize its Benefits

Punching Above Their Weight: Emerging Independents on the Upswing

Relationship Management—Best Practices Playbook

Leading Your Agency at the Speed of Trust

The Business Case for Workplace Enlightenment

Agency Compensation Hacks You Can Use Starting Tomorrow

Moderator Roundtable: Discussion of Key Learnings