Marketing Meets CX: Brand Building In The Experience Age

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Havas CX is creating a global offering for CX services; Grey is working under the AKQA brand; Forrester hosted a successful 3-day conference on CX+Brand this past summer… the list goes on.

The convergence of CX, ecommerce, experience design and marketing is not a new concept. Customer services and digital advertising of all kinds have gained an increased focus throughout the past decade as shopping online becomes more user friendly. Of course, with this year’s massive shift to e-commerce thanks to COVID-19 confining customers to their homes, first-party customer data and other customer-centered strategies have transformed all agencies into digital agencies as businesses look to optimize end-to-end customer journeys and deliver value throughout.

Because every brand needed to replace physical contact with online opportunities to connect, interact and transact, marketers and advertisers are now seeing new digital initiatives and new digital behavioral trends. The overwhelming assumption is that CX, digital experience, digital design, and ecommerce are now one and the same. Now what?

Here are 3 key takeaways agencies and brands should consider to thrive in the Experience Age…

Read the full article in MediaPost here.