Mediahub Launches Diversity-Owned Media Day to Drive More Equitable Brand Spending

Global media agency Mediahub has announced its inaugural Diversity-Owned Media Day, an event that connects diverse and multicultural publishers directly with brands to drive more equitable and representative brand spending.

The half-day sessions on March 11 will also challenge assumptions and legacy planning and investment practices related to reaching diverse audiences and supporting diversity-owned publishers, spotlighting the business case and new best practices for working with these publishers to reach audiences authentically and at scale.

Despite the multicultural population growing to 40% of total U.S. population, only 5.2% of advertising budgets are invested in multicultural media and BIPOC-owned partners (ANA, 2019). And BIPOC-owned suppliers, in particular 41% of Black-owned businesses/enterprises, have been shuttered by COVID-19, further widening the equity gap.

This invite-only marketer event is the first of a planned series of sessions hosted by Mediahub to facilitate longer-term, sustained relationships and more equitable and representative investments on behalf of clients with diversity-owned publishers.

Publishers joining the March event include several digital partners:

  • Black Girl Digital, a premium influencer marketing agency
  • Being Latino, a social-first media company reaching Hispennials (Hispanic Millennial)
  • Blavity Inc., the largest global Black digital media company for Millennials and Gen Z
  • Gay Ad Network, the leading marketplace for connecting advertisers with LGBTQ+ consumers worldwide
  • NGL Collective, the leading independent Latinx media and entertainment solutions company
  • Colossus SSP, a minority-owned digital advertising technology company

Designed to resemble a virtual dinner party with dynamic and free-flowing discussion, the event will feature partners’ platforms, unique capabilities, and audience insights for Mediahub clients, as well as agency planning and buying teams, with discussion designed for demonstrable impact and action.

“Over the last year, we have been working hard to challenge and address the racial, ethnic, identity, and gender inequities in our industry, starting with tackling the internal systems within our own house here at Mediahub. Using our collective position in the marketplace, we also have the opportunity to influence and impact change externally, particularly in shifting perceptions and media dollars to support a more diverse range of publishers - and in doing so, connect more authentically with what has become a more diverse and multicultural mainstream,” said Carrie Drinkwater, EVP, National Investments, Mediahub.

For more information about the event, please contact Mediahub.