Member Bulletin: 4A’s and Google Releases Research on Impact of Video Ads

Video ads are a crucial tool for engagement throughout the customer journey—not just at the beginning, but at every stage.

That’s one finding of new research from the 4A’s and Google, just released on Think With Google in an interactive feature by 4A’s President & CEO Marla Kaplowitz called “Your customers use video throughout the entire journey. Do you?”

The feature highlights key findings of the research, including:

  • Online video is an effective way to engage with customers in the late stages of the journey.
  • Key performance metrics were high at both early and late stages.
  • The ad impact of search is stronger with the addition of video.

The survey tested two consumer groups against a control across four key metrics: awareness, ad recall, consideration, and purchase intent.

“We can no longer afford to confine video to inspiration alone,” Kaplowitz writes. “People now use video at every stage of the consumer journey, so advertisers should too.”

Find more research in the Think With Google interactive feature here.