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Research & Insights

Instantly expand your research capabilities when you tap into 4A’s Research Services. We provide custom secondary research support or direct you to carefully curated, members-only content covering business trends and consumer insights across major industry verticals.

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Tap into 4A’s Research Team

One of the benefits of 4A’s membership is access to our staff of knowledgeable and experienced information specialists.

We’re available to conduct customized secondary research projects when you need them. Think of us as an extension of your agency — your secondary research partner — that really smart person you’d use as a lifeline to win a million bucks (or that big, new account). Contact us for new business research, information to support a recommendation to a client, or any other secondary research need.

Submit your request using our online form. You can also email res[email protected]. You’ll receive confirmation of your request and any follow-up questions within one business day.

Access to Custom Databases

24/7 access to five custom databases providing consumer demographic data, category analysis, spending intel, and creative campaigns


  • BLAST – Tool for local ad spending by market and medium
  • BUDDY – Business Demographics and Data for You
  • Creative Ad Library – AdForum’s Creative Library is a unique, global archive of award-winning and notable marketing campaigns
  • ProQuest – Database of articles from newspaper, trade, and regional publications
  • Statista – Data on over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources
Resources by Industry
Resources by Project Sections
Stay Informed

Research Insights Newsletter
4A’s members can sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter, keeping you up to date on current topics and trends. To sign up, 4A’s members can email [email protected] with “subscribe” in the subject line.

4A’s Research Services Demo

As a member of the 4A’s, all agency employees have unlimited access to a great source of competitive intelligence. 4A’s Research Services can make your job a little easier and save you time. Spend an hour with Stacie Calabrese, 4A’s VP, Research Services to learn when, why, and how to use Research Services. In addition to hearing about the customized research service, you’ll get a tour through the extensive research content on the 4A’s website, and guidance on how to use the databases available to you to find articles, demographic data, innovative ideas, statistics, and actual ads.

All our upcoming demos are listed on this page.

Agency Job Descriptions

The 4A’s maintains a large collection of standardized agency job descriptions, representing roles common within our industry.

To better find the right talent to fill key agency positions, the 4A’s makes available to our members detailed agency job descriptions, organized by department/discipline. These descriptions have been compiled from actual member employment offerings, and have been modified to remove specific organizational references.

We also have additional job descriptions beyond those posted here. For additional information or requests for sample job descriptions, please contact the 4A’s Business Intelligence & Insight team at [email protected].

4A’s Member Discounts & Exclusive Offers

AAP Logo

The members-only program provides access to exclusive offers and benefits on leading products and services that support your daily business needs.

Whether you need information & resources for a new business pitch, data for a campaign, more office space, or tickets to a hot industry event, you’ll want to check out AAP first.

AAP is a one-stop shop for valuable offers from a broad, carefully selected array of partners, spanning categories like:

• Market Research
• Media Research
• New Business Support
• Workforce Support
• Real Estate
• Industry Events