Dexcom will air its first Big Game ad

Nick Jonas will star in a Super Bowl commercial for Dexcom, a glucose monitoring system for diabetes management.

Jonas, who has Type 1 diabetes, is using the Big Game to raise awareness of technological advancements for people with diabetes. The 30-second commercial will showcase Dexcom’s monitoring system which does not rely on the traditional finger sticks that have long been used to help manage diabetes.

“In an environment like COVID, it’s more relevant than ever. The fact that people are struggling with their health and are somewhat isolated. For people who can’t get to their doctor, they can do so remotely with our technology,” says Chad Patterson, senior VP, global marketing, Dexcom.

In the commercial, which will air in the first quarter of the game, Jonas goes on a rant about how we have self-driving cars and drones that deliver packages, but many people with diabetes still using painful finger pricks to monitor their glucose levels. It also features real Dexcom users.

And for those with diabetes, a group that is at higher risk of COVID-19-related complications, it is especially important to avoid large gatherings like Super bowl parties. So Dexcom will give fans the opportunity to watch the game with Jonas through an interactive augmented reality video.

This is Jonas’ first Super Bowl ad as well as Dexcom.

Cleveland-based agency Marcus Thomas created the spot.

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