Angus McQueen, Ackerman McQueen CEO and Former 4A’s Board Member, 1944-2019

Angus Loren McQueen
August 15, 1944 — July 16, 2019


Angus McQueen had more than 50 years of communications industry experience and contributed to the strategic direction of all AM accounts.

He began his career in 1962 as a producer/director with NBC affiliate television stations in St. Louis and Houston.

From 1965 through 1972 he directed coverage of all Gemini and Apollo missions at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston for NBC News.

Mr. McQueen was a writer/director with the U.S. Navy Office of Information in Washington, serving two years of active duty during the Vietnam War.

As Managing Producer of Broadcast Production with the D’Arcy Advertising Co. in New York, McQueen wrote and produced television advertising for Royal Crown Colas, Lufthansa German Airlines, General Tire, Gerber Foods, SCM Typewriters, Taylor Wines and others.

In 1972, he directed network pool coverage of the Republican National Convention in Miami and other election-year broadcasts with President Nixon’s White House staff.

He served as Vice President/General Manager of Lewis/Unitas Advertising in New York, introducing Ticketron computerized ticketing in major U.S. markets.

McQueen joined AM in July 1973 as Vice President/Creative Director and was elected President and Co-Chief Executive in 1984 and CEO in 1987.

Mr. McQueen’s creative work has been recognized by over one hundred industry awards.

His evolution of branded news strategies has been presented in three consecutive editions of PUBLIC RELATIONS The Profession and the Practice, the graduate-level textbook published by McGraw Hill.

For thirty-eight years, Mr. McQueen led the strategic and creative relationship with the National Rifle Association of America.

Ackerman McQueen Statement


Angus McQueen was a relentless champion of dreams. Dreams for his clients, dreams for his company and his employees, dreams for his hometown, Oklahoma City, and dreams for his country. He spent his career in earnest pursuit of those dreams, and in the process, raised the fortunes, the standards and the aspirations of everyone who joined him in that pursuit.

He was as gifted at seeing the vision as he was at bending the forces of nature to make it reality. The future never seemed beyond his control: he was a masterful navigator of the unknown.

He guided his company with an uncompromising demand for excellence. Nothing short of it was ever enough, no matter the circumstances.

In an age where the truth is increasingly absent from corporate life, Angus delivered it to his clients without reservation or apology. That honesty earned him the unwavering loyalty of the talented people whose hard work and passion he fought for every day.

He spoke of those employees with an absolute reverence. He was in awe of the world-class musicians, photographers, artists, writers and creative spirits who poured their souls into their work at Ackerman McQueen.

He was a born leader: fierce, loyal and courageous to the core.

A Statement from the McQueen Family


Our father always reminded us, with unwavering commitment, that family is everything. He knew that the love of family could weather any storm, conquer any evil. He was a man who didn’t seek the spotlight, refusing to let that pursuit distract him from what mattered most. Our family’s motto, constant and faithful, fueled his life. Dad never strayed, he never compromised those principles with his business or his family. He treated everyone with respect and left us with the mission to carry that kindness forward. We will miss him forever, but he is now with our mother, the absolute love of his life.