OpenHuddle, Partnering with Healthcare Agencies in Discovering and Seizing New Opportunities for Growth

Times are challenging for healthcare agencies, but reports indicate that proposal requests are continuing to be held and for that reason, agencies are encouraged to optimize the productivity and efficiency of their business activities. This is why OpenHuddle is the ideal partner to develop new business opportunities and grow current clients by Showcasing Coveted Client Understanding.

“We see the future of a successful business to start with greater client understanding. We partner with healthcare agencies in developing their business opportunities, optimizing client relationships, and training their teams towards building a more profitable, fulfilling, and enjoyable business.” said Philippe Leblond, Founder of OpenHuddle.

OpenHuddle brings 4 key offerings to healthcare agencies:

  • Business Development – With an extensive contact list of pharmaceutical marketers, OpenHuddle accelerates business development with its Huddle Access.
  • Pitch Crafting – With unquestionable credibility in the pharmaceutical industry and applied Client Research, OpenHuddle strengthens the preparation and execution of the client pitch.
  • Organic Growth – With client-side knowledge and a Client Obsession approach, OpenHuddle maximizes client spend during opportunistic cycles and increases retention during critical times.
  • Client Relation Training – With true pharmaceutical experience and input from Prospective Clients, OpenHuddle improves client relationships by providing theoretical and practical training.

About OpenHuddle

Founded and operated by Philippe Leblond, OpenHuddle is a partnering agency and a proud 4A’s member that helps healthcare agencies in discovering and taking advantage of new opportunities for growth. OpenHuddle firmly believe that it can make a major difference in the business relationships that every healthcare agency needs to thrive. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade acquiring a wide range of knowledge and business contacts, the founder has been preparing to take on this venture before he ever knew what it would be. OpenHuddle holds the insider perspective to understanding your pharmaceutical clients as no one else can. To learn more, visit