Payback: Online Game by McKinney for Next Gen Personal Finance Helps College-bound Students Manage College Debt

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 3, 2017 — PAYBACK, an immersive online experience that educates students to make wise decisions on how they’ll pay for college, launched today. Created by advertising agency McKinney — makers of the online game SPENT, which invites players to live on the edge of homelessness — PAYBACK is in partnership with Next Gen Personal Finance, a nonprofit committed to ensuring that ALL students leave high school with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex financial world.

“Total outstanding student debt stands at $1.45 trillion with an 11.2% severe delinquency rate, 25% of that among low-income students,” said Tim Ranzetta, founder of Next Gen Personal Finance. “PAYBACK will help students understand the real cost of college and the far-reaching financial implications of decisions they’re making at the age of 18. PAYBACK will also serve as a valuable tool for educators needing a nimble way to work with students so they understand which school they attend and how they pay for it will affect them and their families long after graduation.”

PAYBACK allows students to chart their educational course, make personal choices and see the results. To play, students enter their GPA, extracurricular involvement and where they’re from. Then, they choose the type of school they want to attend, along with life experiences important to them (e.g., living arrangements, a part-time job, and social life). And, finally, the big reveal: how much the choices they make cost — in cold, hard cash.

About Next Gen Personal Finance
Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), has become the “one-stop shop” for financial educators looking for high-quality, engaging curriculum to equip students with skills to thrive in their future.  In just three years, NGPF’s comprehensive online curricular resources and teacher training have already been used by over 5,000 teachers in all fifty states. They love NGPF’s approach that can be summarized as the 4 Cs: Curated, Comprehensive, Customizable and Current (and it’s FREE too!).

About McKinney
Pound for pound, McKinney is the most effective agency in America, with a 14-year record of outpunching its weight at the Effie Awards. McKinney’s clients include DuPont, Samsung, ESPN, Sherwin-Williams, CarMax and Norwegian Air. McKinney has offices in Durham, North Carolina, and New York City.

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