Free Access to Advertising Week’s education platform through the end of 2020

The 4A’s and Advertising Week have partnered to provide 4A’s Members with free access to training content across the AWLearn platform.

For a limited time, this partnership will also extend to non-members and anyone in the job market looking to grow their skills.

Use the links below to gain access to free educational services through the end of 2020. 

4A's Members 4A's Friends (Non-Members)



The 4A’s and Advertising Week are supporting the industry with access to education materials offering new skills and training for those who wish to progress their careers, switch roles or simply keep on top of the latest developments.

Your access will allow you to explore 20 core industry topics, study these areas in depth with accredited Learning Paths and pick up skills fast.

AWLearn is designed for anyone who needs to keep up to speed with advertising and marketing, both at the cutting edge and on a day-to-day level. The unique mix of strategic and practical content means AWLearn is suitable for everyone because you choose your own learning experience. It’s particularly relevant for marketing teams, agency teams, entrepreneurs, creative team leaders and all levels of marketing and advertising professionals.

About AW Learn and Advertising Week

AWLearn is the education arm of Advertising Week.

Advertising Week is a global thought leadership organization. We believe that Great Minds Think Unalike. Learning comes from discussion and diverse points of view. We run annual events bringing together the most high profile people in marketing, digital, advertising and technology in New York, London, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Sydney and Tokyo, along with digital and physical learning services.

The AWLearn philosophy is that all our courses and learning follow the same philosophy: Educate, Entertain, Enable. This means each of our courses offers the educational oversight on a particular topic; we use real-life entertaining case studies featuring professionals who already do these jobs; and ultimately we offer advice and tools to enable you to not only understand the strategy but also the tactics you can use to do these jobs.