Podcasting Today

Given consumers’ growing on-demand lifestyles, it’s not surprising that podcasts have become new darlings of the audio realm—for consumers, content creators, and now, advertisers. Nielsen examines podcast listeners and finds audiences are growing in diversity, providing a new audio opportunity for advertisers.

Across ethnic groups, Hispanics have gravitated to podcasts. While Hispanics are leading in podcasting consumption overall, Black consumers are notably more likely to take action, including visiting a store to make a purchase. In fact, Black consumers are 14% more likely to visit a retail location for more information as a result of listening to a podcast, compared to 8% of all podcast listeners.

Other findings include:

  • Correlation between podcast tune-in and category ad spend by focusing on the listening habits of podcast audiences
  • Actions taken by podcast listeners after hearing ads
  • Genre information based on light and heavy listeners, age, gender, listening location, time of day, age, and income.

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