Production Wrap-Up Insurance Program for 4A’s Members

4A’s Benefits is happy to announce a new program for Production Wrap-Up Insurance with our partners at DeWitt Stern.

Whether you are hiring an outside production company or producing in-house, the insurance coverage through this program decreases risk for you and your client, as well as cost.

The Wrap-Up program replaces the insurance policies the production company would have provided, delivering a streamlined approach with these enhancements:

Broader coverage: Program provides best-in-class coverage, including cast, and broad-form extra expense, coverages not generally carried by production companies.
Continuity of coverage (principal through post): Program provides consistent and continuous coverage through the entire production process, reducing the likelihood of uncovered claims due to gaps in coverage.
Higher limits: Limits are consistent and generally higher than those carried by a production company.
Cost reduction: Cost is often significantly lower than what production companies charge within their budgets. Savings average between 35% and 40%.
Better claims control: Claims are handled promptly and managed by a dedicated team of experts in lieu of individual claims adjusters acting on behalf of the production company.
Focused expertise and streamlined process: DeWitt Stern partners with 4A’s members by providing the following services:

  • Placing coverage for each production declared to the program
  • Addressing special risk (stunts, precision driving, etc.)
  • Processing special insurance requests as needed
  • Managing claims on your behalf
  • Promptly processing invoices for each individual production declared

Please contact Jack Buttine, our lead broker on this program, at [email protected] or (212) 867-3630 for further details and an introduction to the team.