R/GA and 4A’s Join Forces with Adweek for the EDI Podcast Series: Beyond the Pledge 

The four-part series featuring honest conversations about accountability ahead of the one-year mark of the world’s racial reckoning 


New York, NY–March 24, 2021–R/GA and the 4A’s, in partnership with Adweek, today launched a four-part podcast series on Spotify called Beyond the Pledge: Advancing EDI within the Ad Industry that will discuss equity, diversity and inclusion as a reference back to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests that fueled a drive for change in corporate America.

Moderated by R/GA’s VP, Global Executive Director, Culture and Operations, Jai Tedeschi, the podcast series spotlights a variety of perspectives from the advertising and brand community like 4A’s, R/GA, the Black & Brilliant Network, and Performance ReNEW. The series will answer tough questions, and identify actionable ways in which brands and agencies can be held accountable for real, lasting equity. 

In the first episode, Tedeschi hosts a conversation with 4A’s EVP, Talent, Equity & Inclusion, Simon Fenwick about Equity in Advertising. The two speak about the importance of prioritizing equity in the workplace, and how together, the 4A’s and R/GA are helping identify some of the organizational and operational systems companies must adopt to achieve lasting racial equity. The second episode features Performance ReNEW Founder and President, Natasha Bowman talking about Workplace Inclusion, and how companies, agencies, and brands must embrace the power of listening to advance the fight for justice and equity within their organizations.

Focused on Embracing Data Transparency, the third episode in the series invites 4A’s President & CEO Marla Kaplowitz, alongside R/GA Global CEO, Sean Lyons to discuss the ongoing process of building towards equity and diversity and why EDI data sharing is important for companies creating a path towards an anti-racist culture. The fourth, and last episode focuses on Exercising Allyship and features the Founder of Black & Brilliant Network, and MD at Google, Tony Effik and dives into what it means to be an ally within an organization in order to spearhead inclusion. 

“When you focus on diversity, it becomes a talent problem. It becomes numbers, it becomes about quotas,” said Jai Tedeschi, VP, Global Executive Director, Culture & Operations at R/GA. “And, when you speak about equity, you’re forced to look internally into the organization and think, what are we doing to support and promote and nurture the talent that already exists within the organization?”

Tedeschi added, “Sean Lyons, and the R/GA leadership team committed a year ago to put the work in every day to uphold our commitment to permanent racial equity in the workplace, and within our industry. This podcast series is an extension of these efforts and I’m honored to be joined by such powerful voices to share their experiences and advice in order to allow the conversation and accountability measures of EDI to stay front and center,” said Jai Tedeschi, VP, global executive director, Culture & Operations at R/GA.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with R/GA, discussing topics that are not only impacting our industry, but that open the dialogue, shift understanding and will drive real change ensuring we build a more equitable, diverse, inclusive industry where everyone can belong,” noted Simon Fenwick, EVP, Talent, Equity & Inclusion, 4A’s. 

The Beyond the Pledge: Advancing EDI within the Ad Industry podcast series can be downloaded from Spotify starting Wednesday, March 24, 2021 and each Wednesday morning through April 14, 2021. 

To understand more about R/GA’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, please visit rga.com or our latest diversity data


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