Why Diverse Leadership Matters

This panel will highlight the benefits of diverse leadership, providing statistical justification, personal testimonies and actionable steps for approaching and achieving equality objectives in a way that makes them as much of a priority as any other business or financial goal.

4A’s Accelerate 2018 – Day Two Welcome

Day Two Welcome Remarks from Greg Stern, Co-founder and CEO, BSSP and 4A’s Board Chair

4A’s Accelerate 2018 – Day One Welcome

4A’s Accelerate 2018 – Day One Welcome from Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A’s.

Trust: The Cornerstone for Strong Client-Agency Relationships

In this fireside chat, Steve King, CEO of Publicis Media, and Julie Rieger, President and Chief Data Strategist and Head of Media for 20th Century Fox Film, will discuss the importance of trust, delivering on this imperative, and how it manifests into great work and strong relationships.

Agency and Client Reinvention

In this session, P&G and its senior agency leaders will talk about how they are reinventing the agency-client relationship, from experimenting with new agency models and workplace efficiencies to reimagining the foundation of partnership.

Making Agile Work in Agencies

Having successfully implemented Agile techniques at almost 100 agencies – and seen them tried at hundreds more – Jack Skeels will explain which techniques work and don’t, why that is, and what sort of results you should expect in your implementation.

Choice Architecture in Agency Compensation

Why does every major marketer offer options when they price, package and sell their products and services?  What do they know that we (agencies) don’t? Brand marketers give their customers a set of choices: different sizes, different features — and of course — different prices.

In Case You Missed It – April 2017

Marketing & Communications

In case you missed it in April, Nominate the Advertising 100, 4A’s Transformation Video Sessions, “Behind the Scenes” with Shelly Lazarus of Ogilvy & Mather & more.

4A’s Transformation | Monday April 3, 2017 — 4A’s Board Chair: A Tribute to Nancy Hill


Following Nancy’s Hill’s farewell address, Bill Koenigsberg, Founder & CEO, Horizon Media & Monday’s co-host, introduces a tribute to her and highlights the accomplishments during her tenure.

4A’s Transformation | Wednesday 5th, 2017 — Introduction


Al Benoit, Industry Education Liaison, 4A’s, and Felicia Geiger, 4A’s Resolve Consultant, welcome attendees to the final day of Transformation.

4A’s Transformation | Tuesday April 4, 2017 — Media Company Innovations


A media company panel focusing on new solutions surrounding data content, investments, & new products.

4A’s Transformation | Tuesday April 4, 2017 — Research & Measurement – Priorities & Issues


This panel discussion explores how the industry is meeting and failing to meet the challenge of measuring audience, exposure and ROI impact of advertising and marketing today.