Internet Trends 2019

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Mary Meeker’s annual report on key global Internet trends. Topics range from online advertising to using data to improve customer satisfaction and accessibility to the rise of the on-demand and remote workforce. Not to be missed!

Digital Trends in China

Mintel explores trends in the ownership of digital devices in China with information on ownership rates, emerging products, and purchasing motivations.

Marketing to Over-55s in China

Learn about the senior market in China in this infographic from Mintel.

Digital Advertising in China

In this infographic, Mintel talks about digital advertising strategies to reach consumers in China.

State of the Industry Report 2019

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Prospect and PublicAffairsAsia share the findings from their annual survey of practitioners in the communications and corporate affairs industry in Asia Pacific.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2019

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Deloitte predicts the top trends that will affect the tech, media, and telecommunications industries in the new year.

Tech & Media Outlook 2019

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Activate identifies and evaluates the most important trends for tech and media in the coming year.

Ipsos Affluent Survey Asia Pacific: 2018 Launch Presentation

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Ipsos shares its latest annual report on the affluent market in Asia Pacific. Learn about their lifestyles, media consumption, finances and luxury spending, technology, travel, impact of affluencers, and insights on millennials.

The Well Economy: APAC Edition

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JWT Intelligence provides highlights of their new report on health and wellness trends in Asia.

CBTF Barometer 2018

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The Chinese business travel market has become the largest in the world. Get educated on the new Chinese business traveler and the industry in this report from CITS GBT.

China Health Tech

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JWT Intelligence explains how technological developments are starting to transform China’s healthcare sector. See how efforts from Ping An’s Good Doctor, Tencent’s Doctorwork, and Alibaba’s AliHealth are increasing consumers access to medications and improving the doctor-patient relationship.

Chinese Tourists: Dispelling the Myths

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McKinsey takes an in-depth look at China’s outbound travel market in this report. Learn what  travelers value the most, including experiences, longer stays, package tours, fine dining, and more. Segmentation of outbound tourists, research and booking habits, and market opportunities are also discussed.