Research Insights Newsletter, Fall 2019

4A's Research Insights Newsletter
FALL 2019 | Quarter 4
Sonic Branding Comes in With a Ping
Intel. NBC. Jolly Green Giant. What do these brands have in common? A sonic brand you can’t forget. Marsha Appel, SVP, 4A’s Research, looks at classic audio logos and outlines some best practices you can use to create a sonic brand for your client. Read now.


Building a Strong Patient Connection…with Men 
The majority of people looking for a new doctor are men under the age of 44, according to a new survey from 4A’s Research and Researchscape. Gain insight into how healthcare providers can target men, read up on examples of health centers that are winning men over, and learn the factors used to choose a new healthcare provider. Read the article.


What’s Driving Purchasing Decisions?
Find out how best to market to global consumers during each stage of the path to purchase. Euromonitor delves into the spending habits, marketing influences, research behaviors, and top buying channels of 10 consumer segments. 4A’s login required. Learn more now.
Cultural Influence on Social Media Brand Advertising
Sarah Fahim, Gender and Cultural Strategist, ARGONAUT, examines social media messaging strategies from the United States and Pakistan to demonstrate the effect of culture on brand advertising, as well as how a global strategy can be scaled to a local level. Read more here.


Mobile is Gen Z’s Living Room
Almost half of Gen Zers say the primary reason they watch videos is because they’re bored and want to be entertained, according to Whistle Wise. The survey respondents say boredom strikes them at all times of the day. This constant need for entertainment provides publishers and marketers with an opportunity: shift from appointment-viewing to occasion-viewing and own non-traditional dayparts and viewing occasions throughout the day. Read more.
TV’s Biggest Moment is Now
Today’s most valuable audience is made up of Total TV Watchers who pull in content from streaming, cable, satellite, and, yes, even antennas. Samsung Ads provides insights into this fragmented TV audience and guidance on how brands can adapt to the changing TV landscape. Learn more.


Your Customers Use Video Throughout the Entire Journey. Do You?
The 4A’s and Google found that video is effective throughout the entire consumer journey, especially during the final stages. This gives brands, and the agencies that help them tell their stories, an opportunity to reach people when they’re most engaged.
Read the report here.


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