Research Insights Newsletter, Spring 2021

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Creative Ad Library | Newest Addition to the Research Database Suite

AdForum’s Creative Library is a unique, global archive of award-winning and notable marketing campaigns.

Covering the last 20 years and updated daily with new work, the resource provides access to more than 200,000 fully-indexed ads, including agency credits. Use the library to research the world’s most important ad campaigns ranging from Ridley Scott’s landmark 1984 film for Apple Macintosh to early winners in this year’s ad competitions.

4A’s members have access to full search results, unlimited online views and receive an exclusive 10% discount on any material downloaded.

Consumer Snapshots by Industry
Read up on our recent Pulse of the Consumer surveys for various industries. Topics include:
  • When consumers will start to travel.
  • Consumers’ current financial situation.
  • Popularity of gas-powered vehicles.
  • Preferred safety measures at restaurants.
  • Top ways consumers learn about new products.
Small Donations, Personal Interests | Consumer Charitable Donation Habits
4A’s Research, in partnership with Researchscape, surveyed 1,031 people to learn more about charitable donation habits, as well as any impact the coronavirus pandemic has had.
Results show agencies and their clients should do the following to reach donors:
  • Focus on smaller donation amounts.
  • Target donors every few months or on a quarterly basis.
  • Produce content that draws people to the cause.
New Fresh Press Coming Soon!
4A’s Research is currently working on a new and improved Fresh Press, our go-to resource for keeping up with hot topics and trends through various news feeds.
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