We Left Our Soft Skills Behind In The Digital Age

Learning & Development

Eric Prado, Founder of fireflyhigh & Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, shares his insight on how “We left our soft skills behind in the digital age.”

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Social Media & Digital Etiquette

Webinar Recording Available! Transitioning into the workforce can be challenging. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and how to show up the right way can be very difficult. Worse yet, this pressure is carried into our personal online presence which is many times accessible to our bosses and co-workers. How do you balance being yourself and being a professional?

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Finding Lifelong Mentors To Fast-Track Your Success

Webinar Recording Available! Finding mentors is critical to your success in this business. It’s important that you surround yourself with inspiring people who can help provide you with important insight and perspective as you navigate your career.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Delivery Matters – The Art of Storytelling

Webinar Recording Available! As new talent joining the advertising industry, you will be tasked to tell your brand’s story and motivate consumers. This webinar will show you how you can use storytelling to convey your thinking in a more compelling manner. As a result, value will be placed on your ideas.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Shortcuts to BIG Ideas

Webinar Recording Available! Just starting out in the industry? Regardless of your job, creative thinking will always help you get where you need to be and stand out. This webinar will help you recognize the difference between a bad idea, a good idea and a great idea.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series Bundle

The Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series provides entry-level employees and interns with a foundational layer designed to accelerate careers, while serving as a time-saver for inundated managers unable to oversee a lengthy onboarding process.