Shifting Gears: COVID-19 and the Fast-changing Automotive Consumer

By surveying consumers around the world, Capgemini is able to spotlight emerging automotive trends coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, what trends will stick around post-COVID, and how auto companies can respond effectively to changing consumer behaviors.

The following trends are covered in this report:

  • More consumers favor personal mobility over public transport
  • Increased interest in hygiene and wellness features
  • More consumers want to buy a car due to avoidance of public transportation, low-cost auto loans, and government incentive programs
  • A majority of consumers show interest in lower-cost car options, but there is a segment that prefers premium features and experiences
  • Digital interactions are becoming an integral part of the car buying process.

This report is a follow-up to a survey Capgemini conducted in April, COVID-19 and the Automotive Consumer.